Finding Aid: March/April 2012


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Vol. XXXI, No. 5
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Cover image
An unidentified member of Company A of the 74th New York Infantry posed for this carte de visite portrait in the Marty Schoenfeld collection. The 74th was one of five regiments that composed the famed Excelsior Brigade of the Army of the Potomac.

Inside Front Cover Image
A drummer from an unidentified regiment is the subject of this carte de visite portrait by F.L. Stuber’s Gallery of Bethlehem, Pa. It is part of the collection of Michael J. McAfee.

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Editor’s Desk (p. 2)
Editor David Neville introduces this Zouave-themed issue and thanks all the contributors who participated.

Passing in Review (p. 3)
David Neville recommends two recent books, African American Faces of the Civil War (The Johns Hopkins University Press) by Ronald S. Coddington, and Lincoln’s Senior Generals: Photographs and Biographical Sketches of the Major Generals of the Union Army (Schiffer Publishing) by Thomas Glass.

Zouaves from the Collections of Our Readers (pp. 4-23)
A total of 36 images of Zouaves are included in this gallery of images contributed by magazine readers. Included is an albumen print of a soldier standing with saber and knapsack from the Dale Snair collection, Corp. Harry D. Anthony of the 23rd Pennsylvania Infantry (Birney’s Zouaves) from the Ed Max collection, a youngster attired in a complete uniform from the Ken Turner collection, Pvt. John Tate of the 76th Pennsylvania Infantry (Keystone Zouaves) from the Ed Max collection and Kady C. Brownell, a vivandière who went off to war with her husband, Robert S. Brownell of the 1st Rhode Island Detached Militia. The Brownell image is part of the Ron Field collection.

Mystery Zouaves! by Michael J. McAfee (pp. 24-25)
The author reflects on his boyhood in southeast Ohio and an image of a group of Dayton (Ohio) Zouave Rangers engaged in a mock battle that belonged to the Campus Martius Museum in Marietta, Ohio. The image and other artifacts were stolen from the museum in the 1970s only to turn up in the Liljenquist Family Collection donated to the Library of Congress. McAfee wonders, “What do our readers think of this coincidence?”

And Numbered They Lie with the Great Union Dead by Scott Valentine (pp. 26-27)
Profiles of two officers who served in the 165th New York Infantry, also known as the Second Battalion Duryea’s Zouaves. 2nd Lt. Robert Carville and Lt. Col. Abel Smith Jr. participated in the failed assault against the Confederate defenses of Port Hudson, La., on May 27, 1863. Carville was killed outright, and Smith suffered a mortal wound. Carville became the subject of a patriotic poem penned by his brother-in-law, Valentine Mott Francis, M.D.

Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee (pp. 30-37)
In What Is a Zouave? (Part Two!), McAfee notes that he first wrote about Zouaves for MI back in the September-October 1979 issue. This second installment provides new information and includes four unique groupings, each composed of three cartes de visite, of Zouave images that highlight various aspects of the uniform. “Zouave Cadet Imitators” showcases soldiers in uniforms described as “knock-offs” of the gaudy Zouave style. “French Style Uniforms” features portraits of men in uniforms that closely approximate the French style. “Modified French Uniforms” show examples of common enhancements. “Zouaves of a Different Color” is a collection of lesser-known organizations.

A Few More Zouaves (p. 39)
Two cartes de visite are portraits of a member of the Sprague Zouave Cadets, which were part of the 7th Ohio Infantry (Dale Snair collection) and a post-Civil War image of a pair of Zoauve-attired officers who served in the 1st National Guard of New York (Michael J. McAfee collection).

The Last Shot (p. 40)
A Union soldier wears the uniform jacket cut in the Zouave-style. Hanging next to him on a chair is a large knife. The carte de visite portrait is from the Dale Snair collection.

Inside Back Cover
More Zouaves portraits include two cartes de visite from the Ed Max collection, an unidentified member of the 95th Pennsylvania Infantry, or Goslin’s Zouaves, and an unknown Zouave drummer. A hard plate image from the Dale Snair collection is a Zouave who may have been a member of Elmer Ellsworth’s United States Zouave Cadets. A carte de visite from the Michael J. McAfee collection is a Zouave who served in the 23rd Pennsylvania Infantry, also known as Birney’s Zoauves.

Back Cover
Pvt. Henry Lyons was wounded in the leg on July 2, 1863, at the Battle of Gettysburg. He served in the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, also known as Collis’ Zouaves. The carte de visite is part of the Ed Max collection.


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