Finding Aid: April 1, 1983 Lampoon

  • 1983-04-01-Lampoon-coverCover image: Possibly the world’s first practical joke to be captured by photography. Quarter plate tintype in the Andrew Daneman collection.
  • Back image: America’s first aeronaut, Art Nemo, photographed just prior to launch on May 12, 1913. Nemo achieved an altitude of over half a mile before splashing down in San Francisco Bay. Unfortunately, sharks got to Nemo before the recovery crew, and all scientific knowledge gained on the flight was lost with him. Stephen D. Rohnde collection.
  • “316th Bomb Squadron: The Western Front was one hell of a mess,” by Walter Pigeon.
  • “The Short Cruise of U.S.S. Turkey: A look at an early naval album, edited by Phil Scratcher,” by C.P.O. “Bull” Kneck, U.S.N.
  • “U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part XIII: Underwear,” by Mike McKhaki.
  • “The 1st Greenwich Village Grenadiers: History of a semi-famous Civil War regiment,” by Bill Thatcher.
  • “The Chronicles of Arnold Fleshpot: Autobiography of a hero of the New Jersey Zouaves,” edited by Joe Philby.

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