Finding Aid: July/August 2004

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Vol. XXVI, No. 1
(40 pages)

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Cover image
carte de visite from the Al Fleming collection is a portrait of Brig. Gen. Isaac Fitzgerald Shepard of Massachusetts.

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Editor’s Desk and Mail Call (p. 2)
The editor is pleased to report the publication of Silver Shadows Before the Storm: The American Military Daguerreotype by longtime MI contributor Dr. William Schultz, and observes the passing of image collector David W. Charles.

Passing in Review (pp. 3-4)
Two books are reviewed and recommended. Silver Shadows Before the Storm: The American Military Daguerreotype (a section of The Daguerreian Annual 2002-2003) by Dr. William Schultz and A Summer in the Plains with Custer’s 7th Cavalry: The 1870 Diary of Annie Gibson Roberts (Schroeder Publications) by Brian C. Pohanka.

Four Yanks (pp. 6-8)
Vignettes and portraits of 1st Lt. Joseph N.T. Levick of the 70th New York Infantry, 3rd Lt. Winslow Bradford Barnes of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, Pvt. Perry Stevenson of the 20th Indiana Infantry and Hospital Steward Marion Shafer of the 7th Michigan Cavalry.

Charles A. Kidder, 53rd Massachusetts Infantry by William Gladstone (p. 9)
The author notes that one of the advantages of the carte de visite format is that they could be mailed in envelopes and that the backs could be used for notes. Pvt. Kidder did so, and the front and back of his portrait are shown here.

Cold Steel: A Sharp Look at Civil War Bayonets by Mike Fitzpatrick (pp. 10-15)
The author explores the origins of the bayonet, its use in combat and how they largely obsolete by the Civil War period. The text is illustrated with seven portraits of Union soldiers, one of which is identified as Daniel D. Diehl of the 88th Indiana Infantry.

The 5th Ohio Cut-Out Badge by David Neville and Ken Turner (pp. 16-17)
An exploration of the five-pointed star symbol of the 12th and 20th Corps badge is illustrated by a portrait of Col. John Halliday Patrick and a group view of 1st Lt. Wilson Gaither, Capt. Krewson Yerkes, 1st Sgt. James Richey and two unidentified soldiers.

Willis Hines Furbush: African-American Photographer, Soldier and Politician by Douglas Wilson (pp. 18-23)
The author explains how the purchase of a carte de visite of an unidentified Ohio soldier with a photographer’s back mark of W.H. Furbish led to a journey of discovery about the life and times of the Willis Hines Furbush (1839-1902). Born a slave in Carroll County, Ky., he was once owned by famed naturalist John J. Audubon. At some point, Furbush gained his freedom and became a photographer. He also served in the 42nd U.S. Colored Infantry. The story is illustrated with a post-war portrait of Furbush and several images of members of the 48th Ohio Infantry, including Lt. Col. Joseph Lindsey, who owned the bookstore in which Furbish’s gallery operated and Corp. Thomas Wissinger. Also pictured is a tintype of an unidentified African-American soldier and a photo of the Smith & Wesson Model No. 3 Russian revolver he carried.

Isaac Fitzgerald Shepard, Brigadier-General U.S. Volunteers (pp. 24-25)
A brief biography of Shepard (1816-1889) is illustrated with five portraits of him in uniform, including one with his wife and daughter.

Roundheads: Corporal Frederick Petit and The Boys of Co. C by Michael Kraus (pp. 26-32)
Raised as the “Roundhead Regiment,” the 100th Pennsylvania Infantry included among its number Frederick Petit. He had his baptism under fire at the Battle of South Mountain and Antietam. He survived these fights and continued on to participate in various engagements. His luck ran out after a sharpshooter killed him in July 1864 along the front lines at Petersburg, Va. Three portraits of Petit illustrate the text. Also included is a selection of images of several members of the regiment: Adj. Samuel G. Leasure, Capt. Thomas Hamilton, 2nd Lt. Isaac W. Cornelius and 1st Sgt. George Fisher, Sgt. Elisha J. Bracken, Sgt. William Smiley and Corp. Phineas Bird, Corp. Samuel Addison White, Pvt. Calvin Stewart, Pvt. Samuel Cleeland and Pvt. Hiram Gill. A selection of Roundhead army corps pins is also pictured.

Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee (pp. 33-34)
In “The 44th Regiment, N.Y.S. Volunteer Infantry, “Ellsworth’s Avengers,” McAfee profiles the regiment and describes the uniforms. Portraits of an unidentified infantryman, Pvt. John F. Chase, Pvt. Scott Munson and Color Sgt. James B. Stormes illustrate the text.

Stragglers: Yankees (pp. 35-37)
Selections include two Yanks with fists drawn, Pvt. Oscar W. Stier of the 13th Iowa Infantry, a Union cavalryman with a Colt Model 1851 revolver, Pvt. Franklin Bates of the 3rd New York Light Artillery with a fly on his coat and Jewish soldier Emanuel Lehman of the 127th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Sutler’s Row (pp. 38-39)

 The Last Shot (p. 40)
A sixth-plate tintype from the Jeffery N. Brown collection pictures a Union soldier with a missing arm titled “The Cost of War.”

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