Finding Aid: July/August 1993

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Vol. XV, No. 1
(32 pages)

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Cover image
Captain John E. Laughton Jr. dressed in the uniform of the Virginia State Militia, circa 1880. Laughton served in the 12th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War, as evidenced by a second portrait of him on page 1.

Editor’s Desk (p. 1)
The editor takes note of a special photo preservation clinic jointly sponsored by the Rochester Institute of Technology and the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

Mail Call (p. 3)
The letters to the editor includes a request to weigh in on an image of a woman who may be a nurse, an image of another soldier who served in Forsyth’s Scouts and a mystery waist belt buckle with the initials VVB.

Passing in Review (p. 5)
Six publications are highlighted, including The Third Texas Cavalry in the Civil War (University of Oklahoma Press) by Douglas Hale, The Civil War Diaries of Col. Theodore B. Gates, 20th New York State Militia (Longstreet House) by Seward Osborne, Campaigns of the 38th Regiment of the Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company K, 1861-1863: The Diary of William Elwood Patterson (Heritage Books) edited by Lowell Patterson, Your Brother Will: The Great War Letters & Diary of William Schellberg, Machine Gun Company, 313th Infantry, “Baltimore’s Own” (Patapsco Falls Press) edited by Jerry Harlowe, Buck’s Book: A View of the 3rd Vermont Infantry Regiment (Balzer & Assoc.) edited by John E. Balzer and The Union Army, 1861-1865: Organization and Operations, Vol. II (Indiana University Press) by Frank J. Welcher.

Rock Island: Stereoviews of the Illinois prisoner of war camp by Dennis Babbitt (pp. 6-10)
A survey of seven stereoviews include various views of the camp, including the stockade, barracks and the main entrance. Evidence suggests the images were made by photographer A.H. Taylor of Quincy, Ill.

A Gettysburg Hero by William Elswick (p. 11)
A portrait of Cpl. Chester S. Furman of the 35th Pennsylvania Infantry illustrates the story of how he volunteered to drive Confederates away from a small log building near the Wheatfield. He and three of his comrades would later receive the Medal of Honor for his courage under fire. Also included is a circa 1896 image of Furman, with his wife and daughters, at the Devil’s Den.

Gems from Gettysburg: A selection of outstanding images seen at the 1992 Mason-Dixon Civil War Show (pp. 12-15)
A survey of a dozen images includes a portable forge, Marines at the U.S. Naval Academy, three Union soldiers with brandy and cigars, and two soldiers with crutches.

Faces of the Confederacy: A photographic survey of soldiers in gray, from the collections of our readers (pp. 16-21)
A total of 22 images highlight Southern soldiers. Identified men include William John Crozier of the 18th Georgia Infantry, William Buford Ferrell of South Carolina, Nathan George Evans of South Carolina and R.A. Owens, C.S.A.

Hell in a Very Small Place: Views of American Troops in the Philippine Islands, 1899-1900 by C.R. Tyler (pp. 22-23)
A survey of five stereoviews pictures groups of soldiers in various situations, including the 12th Infantry fording a river near Tarlac.

American Edged Weapons of WWI by Scott Whitcome (pp. 24-25)
A survey of six images pictures soldiers with sabers, bayonets, bolo knives and trench knives.

Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium (p. 27)
Billed as “The House of a 1000 Bargains,” the captain is offering two Reb images for the price of one. Trouble is, one is a New York Zouave and the other is a 1992 stereoview of gunners standing with their field gun.

Stragglers (pp. 28-29)
Solo photos of the humorous, odd and unusual includes a group at summer quarters, soldiers and belles on ice, a squad of Union soldiers on drill and a 1976 image of reenactors at Gettysburg.

Sutlers’ Row (pp. 30-32)

Back cover
Four Confederate portraits connected to “Faces of the Confederacy.”

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