Finding Aid: July/August 1997

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Vol. XIX, No. 1
(40 pages)

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Cover image
carte de visite from the Paul Johnson Collection pictures a surgeon pretending to operate on the finger of a woman.

Editor’s Desk (p. 3)
The editor observes that the Gettysburg Show will be held in the new Sports Complex adjacent to the previous venue at the Eisenhower Inn and mentions the ongoing work of Seward Osborne regarding the 20th New York State Militia of Ulster County.

Mail Call (pp. 4-5)
Letters include praise for the Stametelos issue and feedback about heavy headgear.

Passing in Review (pp. 6-7)
Nine publications are mentioned, including Diary of a Yankee Engineer (Fordham University Press) edited by Anita Palladino, A Yankee Spy in Richmond, the Civil War Diary of “Crazy Bet” Van Lew (Stackpole Books) edited by David D. Ryan, Civil War Battlefields and Landmarks: A Guide to National Park Sites (Random House) edited by Frank E. Vandiver, Julian Scott, Artist of the Civil War and Native America (McFarland & Company) by Robert Titterton and more.

Gettysburg ’96: A selection of images seen at last year’s Gettysburg Show (pp. 8-16)
A selection of 31 images includes a wide variety of portraits. On one end is a 1930 photo of bikini-clad woman standing with their rifles and the other end is the navy’s Benjamin Horton Porter, an up-and-coming officer killed in action at Fort Fisher, N.C., on Jan. 15, 1865.

Palmetto Soldiers on the Fields of the West: 10th & 19th South Carolina Infantry in the Army of Tennessee by John Mills Bigham (pp. 17-19)
A brief summary of the South Carolinians is illustrated with portraits of Calvin Foxworth, John S. Palmer and his wife, Alice, James F. Carraway, Moses Norris Holstein and the battle flag of the 10th.

The “Forgotten” Fifteenth Infantry: Service in China, 1912-1938 by Richard S. Faulkner (pp. 20-23)
In January 1912, the War Department ordered a battalion of the 15th U.S. Infantry to move from the Philippines to China to quell threats to American civilians and interests. The number of soldiers soon increased. No one imagined the deployment would last 26 years. The text is illustrated with six related images of the regiment.

The Grim Face of War: A somber album from the collections of our readers (pp. 24-29)
A survey of amputees and other men disfigured from wounds suffered during the Civil War features 15 men. They include Richard D. Dunphy of the Hartford, a blinded soldier, Alfred A. Stratton of the 147th New York Infantry, Charles Kramer of the 6th Pennsylvania Reserves, Walter F. Halleck of the 11th Michigan Infantry, Charles Dunn of the 5th Michigan Cavalry, Lewis Martin of the 29th U.S. Colored Infantry, George Carr of the 30th U.S. Colored Infantry, Neal Wicks of the 4th U.S. Colored Infantry, Oliver Scott of the 30th U.S. Colored Infantry, Charles Harris of the 31st U.S. Colored Infantry, Sidney M. Ballard of the 39th North Carolina Infantry and William McNulty of the 10th New York Infantry.

Early American Machine Guns: Photo postcards from the collection of Herb Peck Jr. (pp. 30-31)
Six images show the Colt Models 1895 and 1909 and the .30/06 Lewis machine guns ion military settings.

Light & Shadow (p. 32)
Longtime contributor Karl Sundstrom spotted a fake Civil War carte de visite at a collector’s show in Nashville, Tenn., and offered his thoughts about the image and those who would produce them with intent to defraud.

Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee (p. 33)
In “47th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, ‘The Washington Grays,’” McAfee explores the history and uniforms of this hybrid Zouave regiment. The text is illustrated with a portrait of an enlisted man who wears the regiment’s unique armband.

The Auction Block (p. 34)
Latest auction news.

Sutler’s Row (pp. 35-37)

Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium (p.37)
The Captain has a super rare naval Zouave image to sell you!

Stragglers (pp. 38-40)
Solo photos from our readers includes a portrait believed to be Philip Sheridan, a circa 1895navy band, a quarter-plate tintype believed to be a scene of Fort Donelson, Tenn., and World War I hero Alvin York.

Back cover
An image from the Dent “Wildman” Myers Collection is a portrait of a Confederate soldier with a huge side knife.

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