Top 20 Military Images stories in 2021

A look back at the most popular feature stories and columns in Military Images magazine in 2021. The list is based on the most viewed stories on Journal Storage, the non-profit company that preserved historically important journals.

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  1. Masculine Ideals in Civil War Photographs
    Austin Sundstrom
  2. They Knew Gettysburg Before the Battle
    Adams County Historical Society
  3. When Yellow Is Black and Blue Is White
    Elizabeth A. Topping
  4. New Hampshire Volunteers During the Civil War
    Dave Morin, Editor
  5. Investigating the Iconic Portraits of a USCT Drummer Boy
    Kurt Luther
  6. Uniforms of the Granite State
    Ron Field
  7. A Savior of the Capitol
    Paul Russinoff
  8. The Compact
    Ronald S. Coddington
  9. Lost an Arm in Freedom’s Fray: Union amputees after Gettysburg
    Charles T. Joyce
  10. Tracking Booth
    Richard A. Wolfe
  11. Participants in an Early Commemoration at Gettysburg’s National Cemetery?
    Elizabeth A. Topping
  12. Drummers
    Dale Niesen of The Image Collector, Chris Nelson, Editor
  13. From Vivid Eggplant to Unpleasant Cheesy Hues
    Ronald S. Coddington
  14. Military Anthropologist: Press coverage of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, May-November 1863
    Military Images
  15. Investigating the origins of three similar albums
    Kyle M. Stetz
  16. Morgan’s Lightning Strikes
    Dave Batalo, Ben Greenbaum
  17. Not a Forty-Eighter
    Daniel Carroll Toomey
  18. The Cambrian Oratress
    Richard L. Leisenring
  19. Early Uniforms of Duryee’s Zouaves, 1861
    Ron Field
  20. Green-Wood Cemetery
    Jeffrey I. Richman

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