Looking for a Portrait Photograph of a Civil War Veteran? We Can Help.

The search for portrait photographs of specific Civil War veterans can be challenging and time-consuming—and incredibly rewarding when you look upon the face of the person you’ve been seeking.

Military Images might be able to help you in your quest. We are building a database of all the identified U.S. and C.S. soldiers, sailors and other participants that have appeared in the magazine since our founding in 1979.

Each entry in the database includes five major categories of information:

  • Individual’s name
  • State, unit and branch of service
  • Issue and page number of Military Images (and a link to the archived version on
  • Image format and information about the photographer
  • Relevant notes

This database is a public service for collectors, researchers, genealogists and others interested in Civil War portrait photography. Visit the database. We encourage your feedback.

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