Finding Aid: November/December 1996

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Vol. XVIII, No. 3
(40 pages)

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Cover image
carte de visite from the Seward Osborne Collection pictures soldiers from Company D of the 29th New York Infantry.

Editor’s Desk (p. 3)
The editor takes issue with a reader who wrote to complain that casualties have been overemphasized in the magazine. He also notes that Military Images now has email:

Mail Call (pp. 4-5)
Letters include details about the September/October 1996 cover, an issue with the identification of a vessel as the Kearsarge and praise for the recent Gettysburg issue.

Passing in Review (pp. 6-7)
Eight publications are mentioned, including Red Diamond Regiment (White Mane Press) by William B. Jordan, Conquering the Valley: Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic (William Morrow & Co.) by Robert K. Krick, Grant’s Canal (White Mane Press) by David F. Bastion, American Military Belt Plates (O’Donnell Publications) by Michael O’Donnell and J. Duncan Campbell and more.

Armed Camps & Grecian Urns: More Painted Backdrops in Civil War Photography (pp. 8-19)
A survey of 50 Civil War portrait photographs of soldiers and sailors includes an array of military and non-military back drops.

Uncommon Cavalrymen: Vignettes of Mounted Men from the Civil War Era (pp. 20-26)
A total of nine troopers are featured, including Samuel H. Painter of the 1st Michigan Cavalry, Llewellyn G. Estes of the 1st Maine Cavalry, George H. Harbaugh of Breathed’s Virginia Battery, Stuart’s Horse Artillery, C. Milton Parkins of the 1st and 15th Virginia Cavalries, John S. Perry of the 2nd Florida Cavalry, Daniel Henry Chamberlain of the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry, Francis S. Davidson of the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry, William Unversagt of the 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry and William H. Stock of the 17th Illinois Cavalry.

The Forgotten Thirty-Fourth: New Jersey’s 34th Infantry in the Civil War by William Goble (pp. 27-31)
The Jerseymen who served in this regiment labored behind the scenes, fighting guerillas in Mississippi and other areas in the South, with little fanfare. This history of the regiment is illustrated with portraits of Lt. Col. Timothy C. Moore, 1st Lt. John Schwartz, Hospital Steward Hiram J. Noyes, 1st Lt. Augustus Grobler, Capt. Martin L. Haines, Capt. Henry Reed, 1st Lt. Charles Seamen and 2nd Lt. Jonas Gilson.

Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee (pp.32-33)
In “Les Enfants Perdus: The “Lost Children” of the Independent Battalion, New York Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1864,” McAfee explores the history and uniforms of this regiment of bastard children. The text is illustrated with portraits of an unidentified officer and an enlisted man, and an outdoor image of men in Yorktown, Va.

Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium (p.35)
The Captain is at it again! This time, he’s trying to pass off a view of a dead man as an Antietam battlefield casualty taken by Mathew Brady.

The Auction Block (pp. 36-37)
Latest auction news.

Stragglers (p. 38)
Solo photos from the collections of our readers include two outdoor views of Company A of the 50th Illinois Infantry and another group who may be Rhode Islanders.

Sutler’s Row (pp. 39-40)

Back cover
A real photo postcard from the Alan Leach Collection is a portrait of a lieutenant who wears a rare aerial badge, the “Fighting Observer” wings.

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