Calls to Action

Military Images is always searching for unique visual material for future issues of the magazine. If you have photographs, research and other information on the following topics, the team at MI wants to know! You don’t need to have a finished project—we can work with you to bring your original material to the pages of MI.

  • Soldiers who were killed, wounded or captured at the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Portraits of World War I soldiers with Civil War veterans to mark the centennial of U.S. involvement World War I.
  • Surveys of soldier images from a specific state.
  • Profiles of Civil War era photographers and examples of their work.
  • The difference between a photographer’s props and a soldier’s personal items and equipment.
  • Unique galleries of soldier photos (Examples: Soldiers with dogs, color bearers).
  • Studies of backdrops.
  • Columns, urns and other Greek symbols figure prominently in Civil War portrait photography. Why is that?
  • “Trick” photos of soldiers. (Cartes de visite in which the photographer pictures a soldier on one side of the image in one pose, and on the other side in another.)
  • Union officers photographed with their African American valets.
  • Recipients of the Medal of Honor.
  • Soldiers with eye injuries.
  • Images of soldiers who were on board the North America when it sank with the loss of about 200 lives off the coast of Savannah, Ga., on Dec. 22, 1864. See list.
  • Officers who commanded U.S. Colored troops (including the 54th and 55th Massachusetts infantries, 5th Massachusetts Cavalry, and 29th Connecticut Infantry).