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Live From Charleston!

02One of the most-repeated responses from last summer’s subscriber survey was to have Military Images represented at Civil War shows. This request came from long-time subscribers who remember the days when founding editor Harry Roach set up a table, gave away copies of the magazine, and photographed images from dealers and attendees.

Now, Military Images is back! This weekend, Anne and I attended the Low Country Civil War Show in Charleston, S.C. Following Harry’s lead, we gave away complimentary copies of the latest issue, and set up a scanner to make high-resolution scans of selected images.

We had a wonderful time. The show provided us an opportunity to meet up and thank current subscribers, to welcome returning and new subscribers, and to let everyone know that MI’s mission to showcase, interpret and preserve historic photographs of soldiers and sailors is as important as ever.

01The support we received throughout was wonderful! Cliff Krainik and George Whiteley shared their thoughts and ideas abut the editorial direction of the magazine. Steve Sylvia of North South Trader’s Civil War magazine was super supportive and generously offered his help. Had productive chats with Cary Delery, Richard Ferry and a large group of others.

A heartfelt hanks to each and everyone I met for your enthusiasm and generosity. It fueled my desire to breathe new life into Military Images. The biggest thanks are reserved for Anne, who spent the majority of the show strolling up and down the aisles meeting and greeting folks on both sides of the table. She was absolutely fantastic, and MI is much better for her presence.

Look for Military Images at the DC Photo Show on March 16.