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“Lost an Arm in Freedom’s Fray”

About 25,000 Union soldiers suffered amputations during the Civil War. These limbless men re-entered society, some faring well and others not. Here, we examine seven men who lost an arm as a result of the Battle of Gettysburg. Among them is artilleryman John F. Chase, who barely escaped when a canister charge exploded prematurely. Surgeons counted 48 shrapnel wounds on his body.

Story by Charles T. Joyce

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Research Rabbit Hole: Memorial Day at Arlington

A new episode of Research Rabbit Hole, our Facebook Live show, premiered Monday afternoon, May 31, at 3 p.m. ET.

Season 1, Episode 10, marks Memorial Day with a live event from Arlington National Cemetery. The focal point of the episode is the grave marker in Section 13, Plot 10500: James Downey of the 2nd Ohio Cavalry, who suffered a mortal wound at the Battle of Five Forks on April 1, 1865, and succumbed to his injury on April 26. He is one of the 750,000 Civil War dead, which equates to 7.5 million in today’s population.

The full season is available on YouTube.

New episodes of Research Rabbit Hole premier every two weeks on our Facebook page. The host, Ronald S. Coddington, is Editor and Publisher of Military Images.