Military Images: Series III

David Neville, Editor; March/April 2004-May/June 2012.
A total of 38 issues were produced during this 8-year period. Beginning in 2008, the frequency of publication became irregular and the bi-monthly schedule was not maintained. The volume and numbering system however was observed, though no issues were printed in 2010 or 2013.

Volume XXV: 2003-2004

t-2004-v25-05-xxvNumber 5 (March/April 2004)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Warriors of 1863; Bluecoats Return to Chickamauga; Chickamauga in World War One; The New York State Jacket; 3 Members of the 4th Tennessee Cavalry; More Boys of the 48th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; A Night of Terror; The Mystery Photographer; U.S. Cavalry, 1898, Stereos; The Passing of A.J. Krohn; More of Bell’s Boys; Bull Run Discovered; Thornton or Thornberry; Uniforms & History; Stragglers; The Last Shot.

t-2004-v25-06-xxvNumber 6 (May/June 2004)
Editor’s Desk and Mail Call; Passing in Review; Dashing Blockade Runner: Captain Thomas J. Lockwood; Unusual Union Rank Insignia; Washington at War: Landmarks of the Nation’s Capital During the Civil War; The Richland Volunteer Rifle Company; Custer’s Best Man: Brevet Lt. Col. Jacob Lyman Greene; Custer’s Roommate at West Point: James P. Parker; Uniforms & History; Stragglers: Some gems from our readers; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot; Back cover.

Volume XXVI: 2004-2005

t-2004-v26-01-xxviNumber 1 (July/August 2004)
Editor’s Desk and Mail Call; Passing in Review; Four Yanks; Charles A. Kidder, 53rd Massachusetts Infantry; Cold Steel: A Sharp Look at Civil War Bayonets; The 5th Ohio Cut-Out Badge; Willis Hines Furbush: African-American Photographer, Soldier and Politician; Isaac Fitzgerald Shepard, Brigadier-General U.S. Volunteers; Roundheads: Corporal Frederick Petit and The Boys of Co. C; Uniforms & History; Stragglers: Yankees; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

t-2004-v26-02-xxviNumber 2 (September/October 2004)
Editor’s Desk and Mail Call; Passing in Review; An Introduction to Confederate Faces of Georgia and Interview with David Wynn Vaughan; Georgia Generals; Georgia Artillery and the Troup Artillery; Georgia Cavalry; Georgia Infantry; Georgians With Fighting Knives; Other Georgia Images; Georgia Scenes: Andersonville and Atlanta Stereoviews; Our Cover Photo; A Brief History of the Georgia Military Institute and a Study of Its’ Uniform 1851-1864; “Off To War:” Jesse M. Bateman, 9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry; Thomas L. Hernandez: Pilot of the C.S.S. Atlanta; “My Best Dixie Blood:” Lieutenant Pinkney G. Hatchett, Co. E, 20th Georgia Infantry; Georgians: From The Collections of Our Readers; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

Number 3 (November/December 2004)
Passing in Review; The Flag of the 17th Texas Consolidated Cavalry; “Slow Trot” Thomas Between Wars: Accurately Dating an Antebellum Image; The 12th Kansas Infantry “Jayhawkers;” The Death of John Kent C.S.A.; “Red,” The Story of Lt. James D. Bebout: Gridiron Star, All-American Hero; Contributions to the War Effort from Shrewsbury, New Jersey; William Worth Belknap, Fallen Hero; Uniforms & History; Stragglers

t-2005-v26-04-xxviNumber 4 (January/February 2005)
Editor’s Desk and Mail Call; Passing in Review; U.S. Military Bugles and Buglers, A Photo Survey: Part One, The Civil War 1861-1865; Part Two, 1866-1897; Part Three, Spanish–American War 1898; Part Four, 1902-1914; Part Five, World War I; Part Six, World War II; The Great Scout Outfit Mystery; Uniforms & History; The Confederate Soldier; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

t-2005-v26-05-xxviNumber 5 (March/April 2005)
Editor’s Desk; Passing in Review; Shiloh, “Place of Peace;” Review at Fort Smith, Arkansas, November 12, 1864; Long Soldier; Finding Major Robert C. Wallace of the 5th Michigan Cavalry; Five Dilley Brothers Go to War; Uniforms & History; The Confederate Soldier; Stragglers; The Last Shot.

Number 6 (May/June 2005)
Passing in Review; The CDV Album of Major Robert C. Wallace, 5th Michigan Cavalry; Daniel E. Bedford and the 12th Illinois Cavalry; Witness; Arad Wilbar, 102nd Pennsylvania Infantry; Military and Patriotic Photographic Mats, Preservers, and Cases of the Civil War Period; Uniforms & History; The Confederate Soldier; Stragglers; The Last Shot.

Volume XXVII: 2005-2006

2005-v27-01-xxvii-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 2005)
This issue is dedicated to Ohio In The Civil War. Through The Camera’s Eye: Ohio Soldiers 1861-1865: The evolution of the Ohio Volunteer Soldier; Family Honor: Mortimer and Wells Leggett in the Civil War; Six Buckeyes from the Collection of Stephen Altic: Stories of tragedy and triumph; George Crook: A profiles of one of Ohio’s most distinguished generals; Charles Jession: Requiem for a Cannoneer; William S. Bowman: Game Lad With a Gimp Leg, Campaigning with the 77th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Ohioans From the Collection of Ken Turner: A Pennsylvania collector shares a few of his finest; Ohio Carte de Visites From the Collection of  Steven A. Morr; Michael Hammerson’s Buckeyes: An English collector’s Ohioans; Ohioans From the Collections of Our Readers.

2005-v27-02-xxvii-thumbNumber 2 (September-October 2005)
Last Muster For the ‘Stonewall Regiment: A photograph of the battle-hardened 17th Michigan Volunteer Infantry; A Tribute To Brian C. Pohanka: One of America’s leading historians is remembered; The Custer Cyclorama Revisited: A “new” look at this 19th century masterpiece; Henley Fugate, 63rd Tennessee Infantry C.S.A; A Palmetto Artillerist and the Columbia Flying Artillery: South Carolina Artillery in the Civil War; Uniforms & History: The Third Regiment, Michigan Volunteer Infantry, 1864-1865.


Number 3 (November-December 2005)
Duty Honor, Country: The Life and Times of Frederick A. & William S. Starring; Alabama Troops In The Civil War 1861-1865: Images of Rebs and Yanks from the State of Alabama from the collection of David W. Vaughan; Alabama Soldiers C.S.A.; The Forney Brothers Civil War; Yankee Cavalry: The 1st Alabama Volunteer Cavalry USA; In Camp at Brandy Station, Virginia February, 1864; Uniforms & History: The Fifth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry (Revisited).

t-jan-feb-2006Number 4 (January/February 2006)
Editor’s Desk; Introduction to African-Americans in the Great War 1917-1919; Men of the 92nd Infantry (Buffalo) Division; Men of the 93rd Infantry Division; Jewel Crawford & the 369th U.S. Infantry “Harlem Hell Fighters;” The Most Famous Band in the World: James Reese Europe & The Harlem Hellfighters Band, 369th U.S. Infantry; Command Performance: The “Hell Fighters Band” at Chalons-Sur-Marne, France July 4, 1918; African American Doughboys with the 372nd U.S. Infantry—the “Red Hand” Regiment; “Buffalo Soldiers;” Men of the United States Regular Army; African American Officers; African American Pioneer Infantry Regiments, Stevedore Regiments & Labor Battalions; African American Regimental Bands, Bandsmen & Buglers; African Americans in the U.S. Navy African American Studio Portraits; Armed & Ready to Meet the “Boche;” In the Field At Home and Abroad; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

2006-v27-05-xxvii-thumbNumber 5 (March-April 2006)
Stoneman’s Raid to Macon; A Most Curious Corps: The story of the most unusual animal; The Second Missouri Cavalry C.S.A.: One of General Forrest’s regiments; Dixieland Cavaliers: Short vignettes of Confederate cavalrymen; Canby’s Special Scouts: A band of Wisconsin cavalrymen win renown; Brevet Major General James Lowry Donaldson: A dedicated officer receives his just due; Uniforms & History: “Bradford’s Battalion, Tennessee (Union) Cavalry.

t-2006-v27-06-xxviiNumber 6 (May/June 2006)
Editor’s Desk and Mail Call; Passing in Review; They Were at Gettysburg: Images From the Collection of Donald Bates Sr.; Three Years with the Eighty-Third Pennsylvania; Pistol Packers; Shirt Tales; “Straight Shooters:” U.S. Army & National Guard Marksmen of the Post Civil War Era 1880-1900; Painted Backdrops and More; Uniforms & History; Stragglers; The Confederate Soldier; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

Volume XXVIII: 2006-2007

2006-v28-01-xxviii-thumbNumber 1 (July-August 2006)
Issue dedicated to U.S. Military Bands and Bandsmen 1861-1918. U.S. Military Bands And Bandsmen 1861-1918; Drummers & Fifers; Brass Instrumentalists; Calixa Lavallee: Civil War Musician & Composer of the Canadian National Anthem; Buglers & Trumpeters; Military Bands; The Boys Who Broke the Hindenburg Line: 37th Old 8th Regiment, Chicago, Illinois; Sergeant Jon von Staden: Drum Major 1st California U.S. Volunteers, 1898-99; The Military Band (Union).

t-2006-v28-02-xxviiiNumber 2 (September/October 2006)
Editor’s Desk; Passing in Review; Images From The Seward Osborne Collection features almost 60 representative soldier images primarily from New York; Uniforms & History; Our Scout: The Sequel; Stragglers; The Confederate Soldier; Sutler’s Row; Back Cover Story; The Last Shot; Back Cover.

t-2006-v28-03-xxviiiNumber 3 (November/December 2006)
Editor’s Desk; Passing in Review; Visions of Honor: A Special Look at Gettysburg Medal of Honor Recipient Brigadier General Edmund Rice; The Confederate Soldier; Uniforms & History; Submarine Skipper: Commander James Parker Jr., U.S.N.; General Robert E. Lee’s 200th Birthday; Back Cover Story; The Last Shot; Back Cover.

2007-v28-04-xxviii-thumbNumber 4 (January-February 2007)
American Military Daguerreotypes From The Collection Of Dr. William J. Shultz; ‘Respedad A La Humanidad!,’ The MI Debut of a Mexican Medical Image From The War With Mexico; Babe Hudspeth, Missouri Guerrilla: Ride with one of Quantrill’s most colorful characters; Uniforms & History: The Military Daguerreotype.

2007-v28-05-xxviii-thumbNumber 5 (March-April 2007)
Photographs On Board CSS Alabama: A ‘new’ image of the commerce raider surfaces; Otto Botticher: American Military Artist- Lithographer- Soldier; A Doctored Botticher: An analysis of a unique lithograph; Yankee POWs; A Regimental History Of The 29th Iowa Volunteers; Uniforms & History: The 68th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry (Cameron Rifles or Second German Rifle Regiment).

2007-v28-06-xxviii-thumbNumber 6 (May-June 2007)
The Capture of Jefferson Davis; Conant Family In The Civil War: Missourians Answer Abe Lincoln’s Call; Texans In Search Of A Fight; Rhode Island Uniforms In The Civil War; Uniforms & History: The Ninety-Seventh Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry (‘Conkling Rifles’).

Volume XXIX: 2007-2008

t-2007-v29-1-xxixNumber 1 (July/August 2007)
Cover Image; Inside Cover Image; Editor’s Desk, Medical Images of the Civil War Period; The surgeons; Identified hospital stewards; Identified medical facilities; Identified women medical workers; Identified war casualties; Featured Images; How Our Great-Grand Father Met the Famous Physician-Photographer Named Reed Bontecou; Union Hospital Stewards; Operation at Fortress Monroe; Specimen Soldiers; Uniforms & History; The Last Shot; Inside Back Cover; Back Cover.

2007-v29-2-xxix-thumbNumber 2 (September-October 2007)
Brothers At Sharpsburg: With The Signal Corps At Antietam; Call To Arms: A photo survey from the collection of Brian Boeve; ‘The Bullets Fell Like Hailstones:’ A Uniformed Image of Lt. Colonel James B. Griffin” Service in Hampton’s Legion, South Carolina Volunteers; Captain William White Dorr Co. K, 121st Pennsylvania Infantry; The Short Life of Clarke Hockensmith:” With Quantrill to the end; Captain Henry C. Miles 35th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry: The dubious career of a Yankee captain; The Officers Club of Boston; Spencer Rifles and Carbines: A revolutionary firearm comes of age.

t-2007-v29-03-xxixNumber 3 (November/December 2007)
Editor’s Desk; Passing in Review; Civil War Images from the collection of Steven Karnes; “My Lot to Fall:” The Life and Death of Major Jacob Babbitt; More Civil War Musicians from the collection of Donald Bates Sr.; The Greene Brothers Civil War; The Confederate Soldier; Uniforms & History; Front and Back cover stories; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot; Back Cover.

2008-v29-04-xxix-thumbNumber 4 (January-February 2008)
Charlestown Honors A Local Hero: The Death of Lt. Colonel James O’Brien Forty-Eighth Massachusetts Infantry; Indian War Images: From The Collection of Thomas Trevor; Last Ride of The Hoosier Lightning Brigade: Union Cavalry Strike The Heart of the Confederacy; A Miscellany of World War One Images: Remembering America’s Soldiers of the Great War; Uniforms & History: Landis’ Battery, Company A, First Regiment Pennsylvania [Militia] Artillery.

2008-v29-05-xxix-thumbNumber 5 (March-April 2008)
Men of Gettysburg: Images from the collection of Brian Boeve; Warren’s Field Glasses: A Relic of the Battle of Gettysburg is Examined; Francis H. Abbott, 17th Regiment Virginia Vols.: A Young Man’s Life Cut Short at Williamsburg; Thomas and Samuel Livingston’s Civil War: Brothers Experience the Horrors of War; Officers of the 10th U.S. Cavalry at Fort Riley, Kansas 1867: A rare photo of the American West; Vignettes From the Collection of Patrick Knierman: Two Pennsylvania Soldiers Fight in The Army of the Potomac; Uniforms & History: Charles F. Johnson: 9th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, (Hawkins’ Zouaves).

2008-v29-06-xxix-thumbNumber 6 (May-June 2008)
Minnesota In The Civil War, A Photographic Legacy, featuring the Wayne Jorgenson Collection; Other Minnesota images featured on the front and back covers; Uniforms & History: The First Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry-1861-1864, This Regiment’s Uniforms Were Anything But ‘Uniform’ At The Start of the Civil War.

Volume XXX: 2008-2009

2008-v30-01-xxx-thumbNumber 1 (July-August 2008)
A Gallery of Fine Images From the Collections of Our Readers, Yanks and Rebs are in the Spotlight; Comrades in Arms, Cartes de Visite from the Collection of Ronald S. Coddington; Joseph Leonard Follett, Battery G, 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Hescock’s Company, A Young Soldier Earns His Country’s Highest Award for Valor; An Old Soldier, A Teenage Drummer’s War Story; Uniforms & History: A Never-ending Story? …Every Variety Of Costume Under Heaven is Found.

2008-v30-02-xxx-thumbNumber 2 (September-October 2008)
Horse Solders In Blue: A special series and selections of Civil War cavalry photographs from The Ken Bertholf Collection; Cavalrymen In Blue & Gray From The Collections Of Our Readers; Uniforms & History: A profile of the First Regiment of Cavalry New York State Volunteers, also known as the “Lincoln Cavalry”.

2008-v30-03-xxx-thumbNumber 3 (November-December 2008)
Issue devoted entirely to Civil War Navies; A Letter from Ron Field addressing faked photos for auction on eBay, a warning about unscrupulous forgeries; Union Sailors In Blue: Images From The James Stokes’ Collection; Civil War Sailors: From The Collections Of Our Readers; More Photographs of the US Steamer Michigan: Images from the Ted Karle Collection; Uniforms & History: Sailors: Their Uniforms and the Collecting of Their Portraits.

2009-v30-04-xxx-thumbNumber 4 (January-February 2009)
Images From The Collection of Jason Puckett; A New Hampshire Tribute; Numbers Prevailed: Lieutenant James Johnston, Company E, 121st New York Volunteer Infantry; Marsh M. Patrick: 154th ‘Senior’ Tennessee Infantry CSA; The Charlestown City Guard; Uniform & History: The Way They Looked.

2009-v30-05-xxx-thumbNumber 5 (March-April 2009)
Captain Jacob Voorhees 58th Indiana Volunteer Infantry; Confederate Images,” from the collection of Domenick Serrano; William A. Hammond Surgeon General, United States Army; Captain Gabe Alexander 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A.; Soldier Poets in Gray; Uniforms & History: Army Chaplains.

2009-v30-06-xxx-thumbNumber 6 (May-June 2009)
A special issue featuring 34 pages dedicated to The Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photography at the Library of Congress, including a total of 35 ambrotypes and tintypes and the front and back covers; A Chain Letter Solves A Chasseur Mystery; Uniform & History: Sometimes You’re Right…Sometimes You’re Not! Research Gone Right and Wrong.

Volume XXXI: 2011-2012

2011-v31-01-xxxi-thumbNumber 1 (July-August 2011)
What’s My Name, Unidentified Images from the David W. Vaughan Collection; Colonel Frank Wolford: 1st Kentucky Cavalry USA; Morgan’s Commissary Officer; The Many Faces of Captain Henry Blake Hays, 6th United States Cavalry; Vignette from the Naval War, 1861-65: William M. Brady, Master of the Yard; Midshipman Nathaniel Prickett of the Brazil Squadron; Disaster at Fort Monroe; William C. Armor, Aide-de-Camp, 2nd Division, 20th Army Corps; Passed From His Sight: An Incident in the Military Career of Captain Augustus Michaelis; Uniforms & History: “Just Before the Battle… (The 8th Regiment, New York State Militia at Bull Run).

2011-v31-02-xxxi-thumbNumber 2 (September-October 2011)
Captain George J. Schwartz, 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, Collis’ Zouaves; Four at Point Lookout, from the collection of Mahlon Nichols; Robert E. Clary, Jr., 2nd U.S. Cavalry, Thomas H. Lake and the ‘Little Jeff’; Vignette from the Naval War, 1861-65: The Sennit Hat; Badger Artillerist: Captain William Zickerick, 12th Wisconsin Battery; Robert W. Murphy, 30th Wisconsin Infantry; The Life of Orlando Servis; What’s My Name?, Unidentified Images From The Collections of our Readers; Uniforms & History: The Jacket.

2011-v31-03-xxxi-thumbNumber 3 (November/December 2011)
A Fallen Marine at Belleau Wood Finds a Final Resting Place; Our First Airmen; Peach-Fuzz and Gray-Beards: Young & Old They Came Out To Join The Union Army; Captain William M. Campbell, 19th Indiana Infantry (Iron Brigade); At Harpers Ferry with the 22nd New York State Militia; Vignette from the Naval War, 1861-65: A Dutchman in the Union Navy; The Hills Twins, Co.H, 7th New Hampshire Infantry: Enlisting underage, these New Hampshire youths saw heavy fighting, J.E.B. Stuart II; Uniforms & History: The Veteran Reserve Corps.

2012-v31-04-xxxi-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 2012)
The Photograph Album of Commissary Sergeant Oscar Sowles, 37th Illinois Volunteer Infantry ‘Freemont Rifles;’ In Search of Randolph Clausen: Medal of Honor Recipient United States Navy; The ‘Sons of Auld Scotia:’ Scottish Military Units of the Civil War Time Period; Colonel George L. Willard: Gettysburg Casualty; The 157th New York Infantry at Gettysburg, Our Glorious Cause: Images from the collection of Brian Boeve.

2012-v31-05-xxxi-thumbNumber 5 (March/April 2012)
The Zouave Issue! This issue contains well over 50 images of Zouave-style soldiers and is intended for the Zouave enthusiast!
Zouaves from The Collections of our Readers; Mystery Zouaves!; And Numbered They Lie with the Great Union Dead.

2012-v31-06-xxxi-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 2012)
Enoch Long: Benton Barracks Photographer; In the Spotlight: Images from the Collections of our Readers; The Civil War Comes to the Met: Photography and the American Civil War; Desolation & Despair: The Story of the 20th Tennessee Infantry CSA; Six From Sickles: Vignettes of the Civil War.