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Military Images

Military Images Series IV

Ronald S. Coddington, Editor; Winter 2014 to present.
Beginning with Series IV, Military Images is published as a quarterly magazine.

Volume XXXII: 2014

2014-v32-01-xxxii-thumbNumber 1 (Winter)Tar Heels: A Survey of North Carolinians in the Confederate Army; Gallery: ‘God Bless Gallant Old North Carolina;’ An Album of Faces of the 25th USCT; An Irish-American Civil War Veteran Engages in a Showdown with the Sioux; A Portrait of Lee We Were Not Supposed to See; Four Decades on the High Seas: Boatswain William Long, and Englishman in the U.S. Navy; Passing in Review: Confederate Faces in Color; Uniforms & History: The Uniform Coat, Part 2: Enlisted Men.

2014-v32-02-xxxii-thumbNumber 2 (Spring): Lines of Fire: Iconic Images of Civil War Soldiers From the Rick Brown Collection; A Picture of Treason: The Military Commission Trial of Maj. Henry Kyd Douglas, C.S.A.; Battle Shirt! A Field Guide to Unusual Patterns of Civil War Shirts; A Conspicuous Target: Maj. William Ellis, 49th N.Y. Infantry, at The Bloody Angle; Antebellum Warriors; Passing in Review: Faces of Fort Fisher, 1861-1864; Uniforms & History: The zouave style.

t-mi-cover-32-3-summer-2014Number 3 (Summer): Art of War: Fighting Men from the Collection of Matt Cranford; Homeland Security: Civil War Style; In Lambent Glory: Pvt. Thomas G. Grier of the 51st Pennsylvania Infantry and his last battle; Master’s Mates: A Primer; Mobile Bay & Havana Harbor: A newly discovered Civil War-era tintype of Battleship Maine Commander Charles D. Sigsbee; Antebellum Warriors; Passing in Review: Lens on the Texas Frontier; Uniforms & History: Corps badges in the Army of the Potomac.

t-mi-cover-32-4-autumn-2014Number 4 (Autumn): One Soldier at a Time: Civil War images from the collection of Paul Russinoff; Hail! Glorious Banners; An Epic Battle for the Yorktown Cup; Personalized Accouterments; Life and Limb; Life Behind the Iron Shield; Sgt. Branch’s Lucky Day; Passing in Review: Smithsonian Civil War: Inside the National Collection; Uniforms & History: Forage cap or kepi?

Volume XXXIII: 2015

t-mi-cover-33-1-winter-2015Number 1 (Winter): Faces of Nobility and Honor: A selection of Civil Warriors from the collection of Brian Boeve; Rally Round the Flag, Boys!; Photo Sleuth; Antebellum Warriors; Passing in Review: 150 Faces of Alabama Confederates on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War; Uniforms & History: Service, War and Veteran Stripes: True Badges of Distinction; Ugly as the Devil: A field guide to Havelock hats in the Civil War; The Honored Few; Hellion in Blue: The story of William J. Walker, 165th New York Infantry.

thumb-mi-cover-33-2-spring-2015Number 2 (Spring): Ministering Angels from the Chris Foard collection, Mourning a Martyred President: Victorian Mourning Fashions and Rituals, Men of Connecticut! To Arms!!!, Faces of 1865, Hard Luck Regiment: The 154th New York Infantry, The Honored Few: Charles A. Taggart, Photo Sleuth: Blazing a Path from Confirmation Bias to Airtight Identification, Uniforms & History: Chevrons of a Different Stripe.

thumb-summer-2015Number 3 (Summer): Stories Yet to Be Told from the collection of Dan Schwab, They Laid Down Their Lives for the Flag: 6th U.S. Colored Infantry, Confederate surgeon Richard Walter Scott Martin, The life and times of Tennessee photographer Theodore M. Schleier, The Tintype That Proved a Pension Claim, “The Hero of Little Round Top,” The Photo Sleuth’s Digital Toolkit, “Jeff Davis and the South!!!,” and more.

thumb-mi-cover-33-4-autumn-2015Number 4 (Autumn): Palmetto Faces, Love Found and Lost, Photo Sleuth: Revealed: The Identity of an Officer in an Iconic Group Portrait, “Glory to Stand Upon Some Lofty Pinnacle,” Armed to the Teeth? The Use of Prop Weapons in Civil War Studio Photography, Antebellum Warriors, Mistaken Identity? Early Use of Photographic Evidence in Two Court-Martial Case for Desertion, The Honored Few, America’s Champion Aeronaut in the Civil War, From the “Star” to the “Shenandoah,” Uniforms & History, Stragglers, Tintype Stares and Regal Airs.

Volume XXXIV: 2016

Number 1 (Winter): Passing in Review: Rally Round the Flag—Uniforms of the Union Volunteers of 1861, The New England States; Lexington, Not Petersburg: An iconic image of Gen. Robert E. Lee; Antebellum Warriors: Massachusetts militiaman Hosea Ballot Ellis; The Honored Few: Milton Holland, 5th U.S. Colored Infantry; Men of Nerve: The 5th Massachusetts Cavalry; Thoughts on Private Booth of the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry; Hidden Treasures from Ronn Palm’s Museum of Civil War Images; Photo Sleuth: How Fellow Collectors, Field Photos and Muttonchops Identified an Unknown Officer; Assassination in Jackson County: A Union veteran is murdered in Florida; Soldier, Author, Bugler: The life and legacy of Oliver Wilcox Norton; Uniforms & History: The Hungarian connection to the Union Army’s Model 1858 uniform hat: “Conquer We Must, For Our Cause Is Just:” Capt. Henry Willard Allen of the 7th Illinois Infantry; Riding the Rail, Revisited: 25 years later; Stragglers; The Backdrops of Benton Barracks: A survey of six painted canvases; Dark Memories After Antietam: Bernard F. Blakeslee of the 16th Connecticut Infantry; At Stones River, A Sword Lost and Found: Capt. Richard M. Waterman of the 31st Indiana Infantry; The Last Shot.

t-mi-cover-34-2-spring-2016Number 2 (Spring): Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; On the Eve of War: Previously Unknown Portraits of Jefferson and Varina Davis Come to Light; The Absolute Truth of Photos; On the Eve of a Crossroads; Custer’s West Virginia Red Ties: The Life and Times of the 3rd West Virginia Cavalry; The Honored Few; The Great Outdoors: Civil War Soldiers at Work, Rest and Play; Antebellum Warriors; Held Hostage in Virginia: A Union Captain Becomes a Casualty in a Battle of Wits Between Jefferson Davis and John Pope; Union Wives and Their Generals; “A Hideous Dream;” Stragglers; Photo Sleuth; An Album of Ardent Patriots: Company B, 33rd Illinois Infantry; Words Exchanged in an Ambulance; Uniforms & History; The Last Shot.

t-mi-cover-34-3-summer-2016Number 3 (Summer)Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; The Honored Few; Photo Sleuth; Finding My Great-Grandfather; Cardomania! How the Carte de Visite Became the Facebook of the 1860s; Jefferson Davis, Political Soldier; Antebellum Warriors; Honored Dead, Haunted Survivors; Final Harvest: The Last Journey of a Confederate Lieutenant Wounded and Captured at Pickett’s Charge; A Gallant Son of Orange Falls at Gettysburg; Return and Retreat at Gettysburg; Immortality on Little Round Top, Butchery in Saunders Field; Conspicuous Cadet at New Market; At Gettysburg, Life Imitates Art; Highly Honorable and Strictly Confidential Service; Uniforms & History; Butterflies and Battle Scars; Stragglers; The Last Shot.

t-mi-cover-34-4-autumn-2016Number 4 (Autumn): Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, The Honored Few, Photo Sleuth, Following the Colors on James Island, Antebellum Warriors, Colts, Knives and Cigars, The American Zouave: Mania and Mystique, Natty Glory: Zouaves from the Dan Miller Collection, Freedman Warriors, Civil Rights Fighters by Charles Joyce, A Duel to the Death: The suspicious death of an Iowa colonel catapults a subordinate to command before Iuka, Uniforms & History, Shattered Wall of Blue: At Cedar Mountain and beyond, a Pennsylvania officer fights his way through infamous Civil War battles, First Look at the Confederate President and Commander-In-Chief, Stragglers: Distinctive Images from MI contributors, The Love of His Life: Capt. John Faunce and the Harriet Lane, The Last Shot.

Volume XXXV: 2017

t-coverNumber 1 (Winter): Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Photo Sleuth; The Honored Few; Antebellum Warriors; Jefferson Davis at the Pinnacle of Power; Solemn Vow at Camp Butler; On the Eve of First Blood: Rhode Islanders Before First Bull Run; Authentic Farragut: Previously unknown portraits of the Nation’s first admiral come to light; The Regiment That Saved the Capital; Women on the Home Front: Their Essential Roles During the Civil War; Separated by War: Selected images of Civil War couples and families; Uniforms & History; Stragglers; Deception and Destruction, Then Chivalry in the Gulf; Rats, Crossed Arms and a Mourning Ribbon; Illustrious American’s Meet the Revolution’s Last Men; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

Number 2 (Spring): Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Most Hallowed Ground; Exhilaration and Anguish at Ball’s Bluff; Faces of Ball’s Bluff; Old Glory and Confederate National; Joe Quattlebaum’s War; The Fall and Rise of a Man Without a Country; A Hospital Scene’s Backstory, Revealed; Scouling Brows, Old Abe’s Gardin and Mr. Big Gun; Letter Cards; Uniforms & History; Stragglers; Photo Sleuth; The Legion’s Fighting Bulldog; Antebellum Warriors; The Honored Few; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

Number 3 (Summer): Editor’s Desk; Passing in Review; Dream Reports: Excerpts from the Dream Journal of Alexander S. Paxton, 4th Virginia Infantry; Antebellum Warriors; The Honored Few; Most Hallowed Ground; Uniforms & History; Photo Sleuth; Sons of Virginia; Little Man, Lion Heart: The life and times of “Tete” Smith of the 4th Georgia Infantry; Faces of Gettysburg; For Life and Lone Star Honor: A Texan at Gettysburg; Always a Collector: Images from the Mike Werner Collection; Stragglers; Dispatches from Hell: Junius Henri Browne’s great escape from Secessia; A Deaf Prince in Art and War: The Prince de Joinville, French exile and military advisor; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

Number 4 (Autumn): Editor’s Desk; Passing in Review; Antebellum Warriors; Most Hallowed Ground; Photo Sleuth; The Honored Few; Blue, Gray & Khaki; Doughboy: Origins of a Classic Americanism; Keeper of History: Images from the Rich Jahn Collection; Unsung Pioneer Photo Collector: Samuel Crocker Lawrence and the Medford Collection; Hagerstown’s Durable Man: A Marylander’s half century of military service spanned four wars; Yankee & Doughboy: A trove of newly discovered photographs documents a father and son; Following the Torn and Bloodstained Colors: John Michener’s Civil War Odyssey; Camp Photographers: Pictures by the thousands; The Making of Major Hay: A rare portrait of Lincoln’s private secretary is an artifact from a special wartime mission; Reminiscences of an Exiled Marylander: The life and services of McHenry Howard; Uniforms & History; Scalpels to Swords: West Virginia physicians who became combat commanders; Stragglers; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.

Volume XXXVI: 2018

Number 1 (Winter): Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Antebellum Warriors; Most Hallowed Ground; Photo Sleuth; Confederate Mona Lisa; Red Blankets & Blue Blouses: Faces of Rhode Island’s First Responders; Crystal Clear: Representative portraits from the Dan Binder Collection; Uniforms & History; Carried into Battle: Images that came under fire—and survived; At Franklin, “Killed Dead;” The Virtuous Knight of the Orphan Brigade; Here Among the Chiefs: The Cherokee Nation’s Lewis Downing; A Few Minutes and a Street Block: A Massachusetts soldier recalls his wounding at Fredericksburg; Rare profile portrait of the Confederacy’s First General; The Boat that Brought Stonewall Home; The Origin of Military Images; Stragglers; The Honored Few; Sutler’s Row; The Last Shot.