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Military Images

Photo Submission Guidelines


  • scan-guidelinesImages must be scanned at a high-resolution to be included in print. Preferred resolution is 1,200 DPI, which allows the image to be reproduced as large as a full magazine page. Preferred format is .tiff, but jpg and png files are acceptable. Please scan in full color, so that tinting, toning, mat and trim colors are captured. Scans should include the entire un-cropped photograph and its frame, mat, or border with a white margin around the edge (see the sample scan here).
  • Single-purpose flatbed scanners provide the best results. Phone and tablet pics, and scans from multipurpose, printer/scanner combination devices are not acceptable. If you do not have access to a flatbed scanner, there are options! We can scan it for you at one of the many Civil War Shows we attend. If this is not an option, many copy centers offer scanning for a reasonable fee.
  • Tell MI what you know about the image. Is the individual identified? Is something unique about the uniform, weapon or equipment? If the photograph was taken in a studio, is the backdrop uncommon? If the image was made outdoors, is there a point of interest to highlight? How did you come to possess the photo, and is it accompanied by other artifacts (letters, documents, other personal and family items)?
  • Indicate plate type (tintype, ambrotype, daguerreotype and size (gem, ninth-plate, CDV-size, sixth-plate, quarter-plate, half-plate, full-plate. Cartes de visite, stereoviews,and albumen prints should be fully described, including back marks, if applicable.
  • If image cases are shown, either accompanying an image or, as a stand-alone item, an effort should be made to indicate Krainik or Berg number. If this is impractical, a full description of a Union or composition case may be substituted. When present, advertising and patent marks stamped on liner paper or impressed into mats and preservers should be described.
  • Tax stamps should be described if present. An excellent resource for describing tax stamps will be found in Scott’s Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers.  Cancellations applied to tax stamps should also be described.
  • All submissions should be emailed to militaryimages@gmail.com. In the event that image files are deemed too large to be sent through email, please use free file sharing services (MI recommends WeTransfer), or contact the editor for DropBox access.