Story Submission Guidelines

Your story should be typed in a digital format (MI recommends Microsoft Word Apple Pages, or Google Docs).

It should include a references section to cite your sources. You may included endnotes, though they will be removed from the final version as we do not publish them.

Include a biographical paragraph (3-4 sentences) that describes who you are, your interests, and contact information.

Story length varies depending upon the nature of the topic and the way you choose to present it. Examples:

  • 150-350 words are suitable for a basic soldier/sailor profile.
  • 350-750 words will usually suffice to cover a more detailed profile.
  • 750-1,500 words are suitable for a full profile or a topical story that emphasizes a military, political or cultural aspect of the Civil War period.
  • 1,500+ words are appropriate for an in-depth exploration of an individual or topic in the form of a narrative, survey, gallery or other story form.

MI follows AP Style. If you are familiar with it, great. If not, our copy editor will insure that it meets our criteria.

Images, figures, and illustrations should be accompanied by captions.

All submissions should be emailed to In the event that image files are deemed too large to be sent through email, please use free file sharing services (MI recommends WeTransfer).