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New Column: “Of Arms and Men” by Phil Spaugy

I am thrilled to welcome Phil Spaugy as a Senior Editor and columnist. His inaugural column, “Of Arms and Men: At the intersection of photography and ordnance technology,” debuts in this issue. I’ve known Phil for some years now, and he’s the trusted source I’ve turned to time and again to identify long and side arms in photographs. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit are infectious. A longtime member of the North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA), Phil has served in numerous offices, including National Commander and the Board of Directors. He has also been active with the N-SSA’s Union Guards, 19th Indiana Infantry. Phil studies arms and accouterments of federal infantry soldiers with an emphasis on his home state of Ohio, firearms of the U.S Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, and the Iron Brigade.

Phil’s inaugural column, “The Invincible Buckeyes of the 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry,” explores a sixth-plate tintype in the Paul Reeder Collection of an unidentified trooper. Phil details the weapons in the portrait and, thanks to a newspaper clipping tucked into the case, connects the image to Huntsville, Ala., where this image may have been taken.

Please join me in welcoming Phil and “Of Arms and Men” to MI.

Research Rabbit Hole: Inside an Iron Brigade Pension

A new episode of Research Rabbit Hole, our Facebook Live show, premiered Monday evening, April 19, at 9 p.m. ET.

Season 1, Episode 8, is focused on a soldier who served in the storied 2nd Wisconsin Infantry, an Iron Brigade regiment that made its name at Gettysburg and other major Civil War battles. The 2nd paid a high price in casualties, including Sgt. Theodore Dosch Bahn of Company H. A look inside his pension file provides details about his military service—and reveals the value of these unique documents as a research tool.

The full season is available on YouTube.

New episodes of Research Rabbit Hole will be released every two weeks on our Facebook page. The host, Ronald S. Coddington, is Editor and Publisher of Military Images.