Finding Aid: July/August 1996

The complete issue

Vol. XVIII, No. 1
(40 pages)

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Cover image
A tintype courtesy of S.W. Bondurant M.D. pictures Corp. Samuel Francis Bondurant of the 4th Alabama Infantry. He was wounded on July 2, 1863, in the fighting on Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Table of Contents (p. 1)

Editor’s Desk (p. 3)
The editor introduces the Gettysburg theme for this issue, and reflects on the pain and suffering of the 51,000 casualties left after the three-day engagement.

Mail Call (pp. 5-6)
Letters include a request for an article about the Grand Army of the Republic and best wishes to MI for its 100th issue—and looking forward to issue 200!

Passing in Review (p. 6)
Six publications are mentioned, including Soldier Boy: The Civil War Letters of Charles O. Musser, 29th Iowa (University of Iowa Press) edited by Barry Popchock, The Ties of the Past: The Gettysburg Diaries of Salome Myers Stewart, 1854-1922 (Thomas Publications) by Sarah Sites Rodgers, Lee the Soldier (University of Nebraska Press) edited by Gary W. Gallagher, Arrogant Armies: Great Military Disasters and the Generals Behind Them (Wiley) by James M. Perry and more.

Gettysburg Faces: A Portrait Album (pp. 7-32)
A total of 94 portraits of soldiers who became casualties at Gettysburg are accompanied by captions that provide basic details of their plight during the battle. They include Brig. Gen. Gabriel Rene Paul, Sgt. John B. Yarbrough of the 13th North Carolina Infantry, Pvt. Joseph T. Yarbrough of the 45th North Carolina Infantry, Cpl. James Brownlee of the 134th New York Infantry, Pvt. Victor Hallock of the 147th New York Infantry, Lt. William M. Nunnally of the 13th North Carolina Infantry, Lt. West Funk of the 121st Pennsylvania Infantry, Pvt. Benjamin F. Chase of the 2nd New Hampshire Infantry, Lt. George Myers of the 8th South Carolina Infantry, Lt. Frederick Boalt of the 55th Ohio Infantry and more.

Stragglers (p. 33)
Unusual images from the collections of our readers are represented by a single albumen image of vessels from the collection of Dale Snair. One of the ships bears resemblance to the Kearsarge, and this may be a view of Cherbourg, France, where the vessel was victorious over the rebel raider Alabama and its Capt. Raphael Semmes.

The Auction Block (p. 34)

Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee (p. 35)
In “The 146th New York Infantry, ‘Garrard’s Tigers,’” McAfee explores the uniforms and history of this organization. The narrative is illustrated with portraits of a corporal and a musician from the regiment.

Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium (pp. 36-37)
The author attempts to stump readers with fantastic claims about soldier and sailor portraits in this installment of the occasional series.

Sutlers’ Row (pp. 38-40)

Back cover
A carte de visite from the Rick Carlile collection pictures Pvt. Benjamin F. Falls of the 19th Massachusetts Infantry, who received the Medal of Honor for wresting a Confederate flag from its bearer during the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863.

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