Finding Aid: January/February 1993

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Vol. XIV, No. 4
(32 pages)

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Cover image
A portrait from the U.S. Military History Institute in Carlile Barracks, Pa., is tentatively identified as Theophilus S. Luckie of the 6th Florida Infantry.

Editor’s Desk (p. 1)
The editor thanks readers for the abundance of submissions and wishes all the merriest of holidays and a healthy new year.

Mail Call (pp. 2-3)
The letters to the editor includes comments on the recent 7th Cavalry story, a note from a Spanish-American War fan, and a suggestion to dedicate a gallery to tent styles.

Passing in Review (p. 5)
Four publications are mentioned, including Jedidiah Hotchkiss: Rebel Mapmaker and Virginia Businessman (White Mane Publishing) by Peter W. Roper, The Lyon Campaign in Missouri (The Camp Pope Bookshop) by Eugene F. Ware, Richard Taylor: Soldier Prince of Dixie (The University of North Carolina Press) by T. Michael Parrish and The Authentic Guide to Drinks of the Civil War Era (Thomas Publications) by Sharon P. Johnson and Byron A. Johnson.

The Smallest Tadpole: Florida in the Civil War by David A. Coles and Richard J. Ferry (pp. 7-30)
A survey of 53 images of soldiers connected to Florida is accompanied by a profile of the state and its contributions to the Confederate war effort. The authors note, “In many respects, Florida remains the forgotten state of the Confederacy. Although the third state to secede, Florida’s small population (ranking last among the Confederate states with some 140,000 people) and meager industrial resources made the state of little strategic importance to either side.” The survey includes several better-known individuals, among them Col. David Lang of the Florida Brigade, Lincoln conspirator Lewis Powell and Gen. James Patton Anderson.

Sutlers’ Row (pp. 31-32)

Back cover
Four portraits of Florida soldiers who served the Confederacy include Benjamin Russell of the 8th Infantry, Augustus McDonell and Lawrence Anderson of the 1st Infantry and staff officer James Cross.

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