Finding Aid: September/October 1997

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Vol. XIX, No. 2
(40 pages)

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Cover image
A sixth-plate ambrotype from an anonymous collector is a portrait of Solomon Moore of the 6th North Carolina Infantry.

Editor’s Desk (p. 3)
The editor shares comments about a portrait of a soldier thought to be concealing a chicken in his vest.

Mail Call (pp. 4-5)
Letters include nine comments, and the headline for each begins with “Not.”

Passing in Review (pp. 6-7)
Five publications are mentioned, including The Darkest Days of the War: The Battles for Iuka and Corinth (University of North Carolina Press) by Peter Cozzens, The World Will Long Remember: A Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg (White Mane) by Joanna McDonald, Mexican-American War 1846-48 (Brassey’s) by Ron Field and Lincoln’s Admiral: The Civil War Campaigns of David Farragut (Wiley & Sons) by James P. Duffy.

A.S. Morse’s Gallery of the Cumberland: A prolific photographer in the Western Theater by L.S. Kite (pp. 8-12)
A survey of 15 cartes de visite discovered in album and attributed to A.S. Morse includes an account of how the images came into the author’s possession, and a request to readers for any information about this camera operator.

Southern Faces: A Confederate gallery from the collections of our readers (pp. 13-19)
A survey of 25 portraits, primarily tintypes and ambrotypes, includes descriptive captions. Positively identified soldiers include Robert H. Batchelor of the 1stNorth Carolina Infantry, Daniel Slayton of the 38th Virginia Infantry, James West of Morgan’s Kentucky Squadron, John Brown Jr. of the 7th Florida Infantry, George E. Smith of the 44th Virginia Infantry, William Callaway of the 9th and 12th Louisiana Infantries, Robert Blount Rivers of the 42nd Alabama Infantry, John J. Rooks of the 15th Confederate Cavalry, William Watson Beard of the 16th Georgia Infantry, Washington Green Bohaning of the 5th Arkansas Infantry, Mark Lowrey of the 4th Mississippi Infantry, John Lyon of the 7th South Carolina Infantry, William Jenkins of the 1st North Carolina Junior Reserves (70th North Carolina Infantry), John and George Peden of the 6th Kentucky Infantry and Willis S. Roberts of the 4th Kentucky Infantry.

A Photograph of the C.S.S. Alabama…at Last by David M. Sullivan (pp. 20-21)
Tucked away in the files of the Tennessee State Library and Archives is the only known photograph of the famed commerce raider. The image was rediscovered by the author. His History of the Marine Corps in the Civil War was recently published.

“A Sickening, Heart-Rending Sight:” 6th Regiment North Carolina State Troops at the Battle of First Manassas by Greg Mast (pp. 22-28)
A detailed account of the regiment in the First Manassas Campaign is illustrated with eight portraits. They include Col. Charles Fisher, privates and brothers William Anderson Roberts and John L. Roberts, privates and brothers John D. Huskey and James Huskey, 2nd Lt. Quentin Thatch Anderson, Capt. Isaac Avery, Lt. William Preston Mangum and Pvt. Newton Branch.

My Darling Wife…Three letters from the colonel of the 15th Georgia edited by William Stier (pp. 29-32)
The letters from William Millican to his wife, Jane, date from the early period of the war: April 30 and Sept. 15, 1861, and May 29, 1862. Millican was killed in action during the Battle of Antietam.

The Auction Block (p. 33)
Latest auction news.

Cover story (p.34)
Details of the 6th North Carolina State Troops waist belt plate are discussed.

Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee (p. 35)
In “3rd Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, Three Months Service, 1861,’We Marched to the Music of the Union,” McAfee explores the history and distinct gray uniforms of this regiment. The text is illustrated with a group portrait of three soldiers who served in its ranks, Alvin Vaugh, Levi P. Brown and Robert Parris.

Sutler’s Row (pp. 36-37)

Stragglers (pp. 38-40)
Solo photos from our readers includes a cigar-smoking woman in soldier’s dress and three men in gray who might be mistaken for Confederate soldiers.

Back cover
A cabinet card from the collection of Mark Gaynor pictures a young John J. Pershing as a first lieutenant in the 10th U.S. Cavalry, circa 1895.

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