Finding Aid: March/April 1998

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Vol. XIX, No. 5
(40 pages)

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Cover image
A quarter-plate ruby ambrotype from the William Elswick Collection pictures a Confederate infantryman with a Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle or a “Palmetto” copy of it, and a sign that reads “Victory or Death!”

Editor’s Desk (p. 3)
The editor observes the long history of art thieves and forgers, and shares a piece of advice: Know your dealer, take nothing at face value, and always carry a loupe or magnifying glass.

Mail Call (pp. 4-5)
Letters include comments about gangs in New York, a Georgia uniform, New England militia photos, Irish Papal Zouaves and more.

Passing in Review (pp. 6-7)
Seven publications are mentioned, including Georgia Sharpshooter: The Civil War Diary and Letters of William Rhadamanthus Montgomery (Mercer University Press) edited by George Montgomery, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Civil War Collectibles (Owl Books) by Chuck Lawliss, Civil War Sites, Memorials, Museums and Library Collections: A State-by-State Guidebook to Places Open to the Public (McFarland & Company) by Doug Gelbert and more.

Elswick’s Elegant Images: Photographs from the collection of William Elswick (pp. 8-14)
A gallery of 30 representative images includes portraits of Union and Confederate soldiers. They include a sergeant in the U.S. Colored Infantry, a Native American, several Confederates and a carte de visite of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain after his promotion to colonel.

From Shiloh to Santiago: Biography of William Wallace Walker, Jr. by Martin L. Callahan (pp. 15-19)
A former Confederate captain in Col. Wirt Adams’s Regiment of Mississippi Cavalry, Walker went on to serve in the American army with the 1st Texas Cavalry during the Spanish-American War. The text is illustrated with a circa 1898 portrait of Wallace and other images from both wars, as well as a photograph of his Spanish-American War uniform and revolver.

“Hope of the 22nd Ohio:” A portrait of Western soldiers by Ed Italo (pp. 20-21)
A portrait of 18 identified, non-commissioned officers is accompanied by a brief sketch of the regiment’s history, which includes the Battle of Shiloh and other engagements.

The Journal of William O’Shaughnessy, Battery H, 3rd New York Light Artillery edited by Paul Russinoff (pp. 22-27)
O’Shaughnessy documents the 1862 and 1863 North Carolina Campaign, and other parts of his military service. The text is illustrated with a portrait of him on horseback.

Red & White in Blue: Four tragedies of the Indian Wars (pp. 28-30)
A collection of profiles, each illustrated with an original portrait, includes Theodore G. Cree of the 2nd and 3rd Iowa Infantry and the 3rd Colorado Cavalry, Guy V. Henry of the 1st U.S. Artillery, 40th Massachusetts Infantry and 3rd U.S. Cavalry, Ute Warrior “Washington” and Thomas Thornburgh of the 6th Tennessee Infantry and the 4th U.S. Infantry.

Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee (pp. 31-32)
In “Khaki, 1898-1902: The New Order” McAfee explores the change from the blue color worn by American soldiers through most of the 19th century to the “drab, utilitarian clothing” of modern times. The text is illustrated with a portrait of Sgt. Thomas Rowland of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry.

Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium (p. 35)
The captain tries to pawn off a modern image of re-enactors portraying dead soldiers as Gettysburg casualties.

Sutler’s Row (pp. 36-37)

Stragglers (pp. 38-40)
Solo photos from the collections of our readers were captured at the 1997 Midwest Civil War Show in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton. They include sailors, wounded soldiers, a Maryland officer with a crutch, and more.

Back cover
A photo postcard from the Ben Maryniak Collection pictures the funeral procession of President Abraham Lincoln moving through Buffalo, N.Y.


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