Finding Aid: March/April 1996

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Vol. XVII, No. 5
(40 pages)

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Cover image
A print from the Guy Smith Collection is a portrait of a sailor from the Constellation in the early days of the battlefield navy, circa 1890s.

Editor’s Desk (p. 3)
The editor mentions a number of books that have been published, and are soon to be published, by contributing editors.

Mail Call (pp. 4-5)
Letters include praise for the “Piedmont Battle Shirts” story and positive comments on others, including a thank you from one subscriber for including Bible quotes.

Passing in Review (pp. 6-7)
Five publications are mentioned, including Nowhere to Run: The Wilderness, May 4th & 5th, 1864 (White Mane Publishing) by John Michael Priest, Blood and Sacrifice: The Civil War Journal of a Confederate Soldier (Blue Acorn Press) by William Pitt Chambers, Black Southerners in Gray (Southern Heritage Press) by Richard Rollins, Longstreet’s Aide: The Civil War Letters of Major Thomas J. Goree (University Press of Virginia) and more.

Uncommon Soldiers: Vignettes from both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line by Hartman McIntosh (pp. 8-16)
A selection of profiles includes William G.B. Hosch of the Confederate Marine Corps, Levi Bolton of the 51st Pennsylvania Infantry, Isaac Marks of the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry, William Jasper Bunn of the 14th Alabama Infantry, Silas Mattison Bunn of the 62nd Alabama Infantry, James Henry Hearn of the 2nd and 46th Alabama Infantries, Van Garren, a colored servant in Brackett’s Battalion of Minnesota Cavalry, James Franklin Fitts of the 10th New York Cavalry and the 114th New York Infantry, John David Myers of the 3rd South Carolina Infantry, R.C. Morgan of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Henry A. and James Pink Collins of the 49th North Carolina Infantry, Jonathan T. Kimmel of the 30th Illinois Infantry, Sydney & Edson Demarest of the 85th Ohio Infantry, Adam Rapp of the 3rd Infantry, Maryland Potomac Home Brigade and the 14th and 11th U.S. Infantries, and James Ausban Martin of the 53rd North Carolina Infantry.

Contributions to the Cause: One Family’s Participation in the Civil War by Robert Kelley (pp. 17-19)
The author’s great-great-grandfather, William L. Ingram, served in the 14th Virginia Cavalry. This trooper is one of several relatives of the author who participated in the war, and each is recognized with a brief profile. Some are illustrated with a portrait of the subject.

The Grand Illusion: Painted Backdrops in Civil War Photography (pp. 20-29)
A survey of 34 Union and Confederate portraits reveals a variety of military and non-military canvases.

The Mystery of the Mann Accouterments: Where have all the boxes gone? by John Kuhl (pp. 30-32)
The unusual leather cartridge boxes developed and produced by William D’Alton Mann are rarely seen. The author explores this unique piece of equipment.

Light and Shadow (p. 33)
In this reprint from the Daguerreian Society Newsletter, Matthew Isenburg discusses the daguerreotype and the digital image.

Stragglers (pp. 34-35)
Images submitted by readers include the “Jackass Battery,” images of Frank Benner, 118th Illinois Infantry, and the hospital in which he died, and a Confederate infantryman posed in front of a dark blanket.

The Auction Block (pp. 36-37)
Latest auction news.

Sutlers’ Row (pp. 38-40)

Back cover
An albumen print from the David W. Vaughan collection pictures a Union sailor with embroidered cuffs.

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