Need a Military Images Fix Between Issues? Check Out Our Live Video Stream.

By Ron Coddington

When I came into possession of MI in 2013, one of my first orders of business was to establish a presence on social media. Regular posts include sharing images, stories, news and information gleaned from a variety of sources. At some point along the way, I experimented with video posts on Facebook, as part of an effort to try different methods of spreading the word. Metrics revealed increased engagement with our audience.

Encouraged, I tried a related experiment last summer: Facebook Live, which streams video instantly. The idea is simple. Every second Monday at 9 p.m. ET, I broadcast Military Images Live from my laptop, sharing items of interest that have landed on my office desk or computer desktop. I also answer questions posed by subscribers and Facebook followers, preview projects in progress for future issues, and promote our great advertising partners. Think of it as a way to get your MI fix between issues!

Follow us on Facebook for updates on future shows, and visit our show archive on YouTube.

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