The Benefits of Advertising in MI, Explained in Our New Media Kit

Military Images has spent the last five years rethinking advertising. We’ve evolved from offering a single set of print magazine options to a new approach that embraces print, digital and social media.

The plan is simple: We offer advertisers access to our quarterly magazine in print and online, our web site, our Facebook page and Military Images Live, our streaming video program. You can pick and choose from four different packages, all reasonably priced. No matter which plan you choose, your company name will marketed to our engaged audience with an active interest in American Civil War photography and history. It includes an vibrant community of collectors and dealers in historic military photography and other artifacts, researchers and genealogists, re-enactors and living historians, authors and historians, museums, libraries, historical societies, and other public and private institutions. Included in this last group are more than 40 Civil War-related national historical sites and military parks and museums.

Get familiar with our Media Kit!

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