Finding Aid: September/October 1993

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Vol. XV, No. 2
(32 pages)

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Cover image
A sixth-plate ambrotype from the Herb Peck Jr. Collection pictures a group of Union soldiers, the soldier in the foreground sits upon a drum.

Editor’s Desk (p. 1)
The editor informs readers that a site has been selected for the Gen. James Longstreet monument at Gettysburg, and that an all-navy issue is in development.

Mail Call (pp. 2-3)
Letters include a comment on a backdrop, the recovery of stolen weapons and compliments from a subscriber in France.

Passing in Review (p. 5)
Five publications are mentioned, including Lonestar Preacher (Texas Christian University Press) by John W. Thomason, John T. McMahon’s Diary of the 136th New York, 1861-1864 (White Mane Publishing) edited by John Michael Priest, My Brother’s Face: Portraits of the Civil War (Chronicle Books) by Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod, This War So Horrible: The Civil War of Hiram Smith Williams (University of Alabama Press) edited by Lewis Wynn and Robert Taylor and The Last Full Measure: The Life and Death of the First Minnesota Volunteers (Henry Holt & Co.) by Richard Moe.

Casualties: Sixteen Portraits of the Grim Face of War excerpted from the new book by Richard Matthews (pp. 6-11)
Excerpts from frequent MI contributor Dick Matthews’ new book, One Day of Glory: A History of the 149th Pennsylvania Infantry include portraits of Miles Beaty, Henry Spayd, John D. Snyder, Michael Smyser, Henry Lentz, Frederick Matthews and ten more.

California Gold: Images from the collection of Robert Kotchian (pp. 12-15)
Eleven gems from this West Coast collector include Fort Point on San Francisco Bay, a patriotic Vermont woman, Fort Assinniboine, Mont., a Buffalo soldier, Capt. Willis Wittich of the 21st U.S. Infantry on a bicycle and more.

“Anonymous:” Photographer to the Sixth Corps by Joseph Covais (pp. 16-21)
A survey of 15 portraits, all linked by the same painted canvas backdrop and connected to the Sixth Corps of the Union army.

The Photograph Album of Captain Joseph P. Reel: Company G, 93rd Illinois Infantry by Scott Cross (pp. 22-24)
A dozen portraits are presented here, along with a brief history of the regiment. All of the images are identified, and they include Pvt. Daniel Ilgen, Lt. Samuel Daughenbaugh, Capt. Charles F. Taggart, Chaplain Charles Hagerty, 1st Lt. Charles Hartsough, Lt. Harvey Trimble and more.

“If Only…” or Through a Glass Lightly: An exploration of photographic possibilities with certain ambrotypes by David Wynn Vaughan (pp. 25-26)
The author explains how he arranged to have a modern print made of a faded ambrotype. The modern print revealed details that were not easily visible on the original.

Battle Born! Charles McDermit and the Nevada Territory Volunteers in the Civil War by Jeff Klages (pp. 27-29)
This look at Nevada’s contribution to Union arms includes a list of military organizations raised in the territory and four portraits, including McDermit and his son, Charles.

Sutlers’ Row (pp. 30-32)

Back cover
A sixth-plate ambrotype from the Herb Peck Jr. Collection pictures a young man in civilian dress with a Confederate national flag.

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