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Military Images

Military Images

Harry Roach, Editor; July/August 1979-May/June 2000

Volume I: 1979-1980

1979-v1-01-i-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1979)
Mission to Poland, 1919: The story behind a unique shoulder patch; British Rifle Volunteers of the 1860’s: Don’t mistake the Bull for Johnny Reb; An Interview with William Frassanito, the author of two landmark books on Civil War photography; The Warner Brothers Go to War: The saga of a Pennsylvania family; Ronn Palm’s Favorites: A survey of the best photos in one of the best collections.

1979-v1-02-i-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1979)
Captain Zalinski’s Dynamite Gun, an explosive experiment of the Spanish-American War; Savage Spring, the 15th New Jersey Infantry at Spotsylvania; What is a Zouave? It’s not a Chasseur; Mike McAfee’s Zouaves, a small selection from a large collection; The Battle of Fismette, in which Grandfather Roach wins the D.S.C.

nov-dec-1979-tNumber 3 (November/December 1979)
Naval Uniforms of the Civil War, Part I: Officers of the U.S. Navy; Jefferson Davis: Transvestite?; Images of a Guerilla Chief: William Clarke Quantrill; Profile: Cleveland Winslow by Brian Pohanka; Michael Bremer’s Antebellum Daguerreotypes, the debut of Stragglers, or  images submitted by readers of the magazine, and more.

1980-v1-04-i-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 1980)
Patriotic Picture Frames of the Great War: An interesting look at a lost art form; Lt. Wilson’s Scrapbook: U.S. adventures in North Russia, 1919; The Search for Private Beetem: A flea market melodrama; Bob Kelchner’s 7th Cavalry Album: A survey of turn-of-the-century fashions in a fashionable regiment; Naval Uniforms of the Civil War, Part II: U.S. Naval Engineers.

1980-v1-05-i-thumbNumber 5 (March/April 1980)
Otto Scheu, R.A.: Adventures in the Regular Army at the turn of the century; “Jack” of the 102d P.V.: An unshaggy dog story; The 20th New York State Militia: A regimental history of the “Ulster Guard;” Mustering In: An in-depth look at a rare ambrotype; Naval Uniforms of the Civil War, Part III: Confederate naval images; Indian Scouts of the U.S. Army: A seldom-seen portion of the old Frontier Army.

1980-v1-06-i-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 1980)
Junius Peak: Cavalryman, U.S. Marshal, & Texas Ranger; 9 July 1864: The 14th N.J. at the Battle of Monocacy; Naval Uniforms of the Civil War, Part IV: Enlisted men of the U.S. Navy; Survey: The Collection of Robert McDonald: Outdoor images of the Civil War.

Volume II: 1980-1981

1980-v2-01-ii-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1980)
John Taylor Wood, C.S.N., Biography of a Confederate commando; The Grove Boys in the Great War: Recollections of three brothers from South Dakota; The Soldiers of Summer: Company I, 16th Infantry, Penna. National Guard; Bucktails Forward! A short history of three rifle regiments; Naval Uniforms of the Civil War; Part V: The U.S. Revenue-Marine.

1980-v2-02-ii-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1980)
Sam Hildebrand, Bushwacker: A Missouri partisan in the Civil War; Diary of a Bomber: The WWI journal of an American grenadier; Photography During the Civil War: A primer on early photographic history; Survey, The U.S. Marine Corps Images of George Menegauz: A look at the Leathernecks, 1859-1934; Keep Up the Fire! The story behind an unusual belt buckle.

nov-dec-1980-tNumber 3 (November/December 1980)
Editor’s Page; Mail Call; Thomas Franlin Dornblaser: Cavalryman in the Army of the Cumberland; The Mier P.O.W.’s in Mexico, 1844; The U.S.M.C. Campaign Hat, 1898-1961; Find the Fake; “Every damn… rebel is on the run!”: The 15th New Jersey at the Battle of the Opequon; A Doughboy at Barton’s Hill; Stragglers; Back Image.

1981-v2-04-ii-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 1981)
The Narrow Escape of F.M. White: Lynching and counter-lynching in “Mosby’s Confederacy;” The Carson Valley Expedition of 1860: Volunteers and Regulars vs. the Paiute Indians; American Eagles of the Great War: The Air Force’s first Medal of Honor winners; The Governor’s Guard: Regimental history of the 2d New York Mounted Rifles; U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part 1: The Frock Coat; The Lytle Greys: A Cincinnati militia company in the 1870’s; What’s in an Ambrotype? Part I: Using the Ambro as a Negative; What’s in an Ambrotype, Part II: Hidden Messages.

1981-v2-05-ii-thumbNumber 5 (March/April 1981)
John Stocking, U.S.N.: Unsung hero of the “Monitor;” Origins of the Confederate Uniform: European derivations in the official C.S. uniform design; The Children of the Battle Field: Perhaps the most popular carte-de-visite of the Civil War period; Yerba Buena Island, California: The U.S. Naval Training Station in 1901; “Your affectionate son …” The Civil War letters of Harley J. Hilborn; Military Monkey Business: Clowning for the camera, 1860-1911; A Lancaster Lad Goes to War: Peter Allabach, Jr., in 1898.

1981-v2-06-ii-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 1981)
Robert Ramsey, C.S.M.C.: Biography of a lieutenant in the Confederate Marines; Fight of the Crows: The continuing saga of the 15th N.J. in the Shenandoah; Black Troops in the U.S. Military: A photo survey spanning 1862-1918; The 29th Connecticut Infantry: Negro New Englanders at Beaufort, South Carolina.

Volume III: 1981-1982

1981-v3-01-iii-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1981)
“Galloping Jim” Parker: Photo-biography of a cavalryman, 1872-1918; U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part II: The Sack Coat; William Lytle & the ‘Bloody Tinth’ Ohio: A soldier-poet and an Irish regiment; Antebellum Photography: Survey of the U.S.A. Military History Institute; Perry’s Saints: Unit history of the 48th New York Volunteers; Two Rare Photographs: “Fighting Joe” Hooker vs. “Stonewall” Jackson.

1981-v3-02-iii-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1981)
Virginia in October: Lt. Willard Glazier at the ‘Buckland Races;’ Three Views of the Militia: Volunteer companies of the Midwest, 1860-1879; Across the Plains: Captain John Gibson and family trek west in 1860; A Leatherneck in France: Military autobiography of a Marine machine-gunner; Survey: Warriors in Grey, Confederate images in a Florida collection; Memoirs of Carlos W. Colby: A Medal of Honor winner in the 97th Illinois Infantry.

1981-v3-03-iii-thumbNumber 3 (November/December 1981)
Memoirs of a Rebel, Part I: The story of a captain in the 2d North Carolina; The Hanging: A 1918 execution aboard a U.S. battleship; U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part III: The Artillery; The Few, the Forgotten: Photo-history of the Confederate States Marine Corps; Harvard Crimson to Horizon Blue: The Odyssey of Parker Ellis; ’U.S. Official:’ A look at official Signal Corps photos in World War I; Private Benjamin Franklin: The poignant story of a Minnesota cavalryman.

1982-v3-04-iii-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 1982)
John Hartranft, Defender of the Union: ‘The best combat officer the IX Corps ever produced;’ Images of the 51st Pennsylvania Infantry: A look at ‘The Norristown Regiment;’ The Havelock: A short-lived item of American military fashion; Sunshine Soldiers: New Jersey’s nine months regiments at Fredericksburg; The Girl I Left Behind Me: An album of Civil War wives and sweethearts.

1982-v3-05-iii-thumbNumber 5 (March/April 1982)
Santa Cruz, 1885: California’s first all-state National Guard encampment; A Confederate Lincoln: A look at Honest Abe’s second cousin; Eye of the Collector: Survey of a California collection; Gettysburg Mystery Photo: More answers, more questions; Fighting Confederates: A statistical analysis of late-war uniforms; General Charles King: An illustrated bibliographic essay.

1982-v3-06-iii-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 1982)
Company D, 4th Texas Cavalry: A rare photo of “The Ellis County Bengal Tigers;” Battle at Bacalod: Small-unit action in the Philippines, 1903; Samuel Dana Greene, U.S.N.: The tragic life of the “Monitor’s” Executive Officer; U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part IV: The Jacket; Johnny Came Marching Home: Recollections of a Marine ceremonial unit; Memoirs of a Rebel, Part II: Chancellorsville & Gettysburg; Portrait of a General: John Newton of the I Corps.

Volume IV: 1982-1983

1982-v4-01-iv-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1982)
Babes in Arms: Photographic survey of children in military costume; “Lee broke today …:” Diary of a photographer’s assistant; Three Rebs and Three Yanks: Vignettes of the 3rd Missouri and 4th Michigan Infantry; Pennsylvanians in Gray: Early Civil War uniforms in the Keystone State; Gettysburg Mystery Photo, A Second Look: More answers, more questions.

1982-v4-02-iv-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1982)
The Rescue of Lieutenant Gilmore: A vignette of the Philippine insurrection; U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part V: The overcoat; Surgeon of the 20th: Biography of New Yorker Robert Loughran; Guy Eisenhuth Sees the Elephant: World War I through the eyes of a sixteen year old boy; Civil War Photo Maps: The first marriage of photography and cartography; Corps Badges of the Spanish-American War: Photo survey of insignia from the turn-of-the-century; Fighting Yankees: Statistical analysis of late-war uniforms in the Eastern Theater.

1982-v4-03-iv-thumbNumber 3 (November/December 1982)
Custer, A New Look: Unpublished views of “Longhair;” Charles Trotter, U.S.N.: Vignette of the Civil War on western waters; On the Field at Chickamauga: An eyewitness account, edited by Robert F. Russell; U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part VI: Zouaves and Chasseurs; Warriors in Baggy Pants, A photo survey of Zouaves & Chasseurs in private collections.

1983-v4-04-iv-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 1983)
Company K, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves: Unit history of the hometown boys of Gettysburg; Catbalogan, P.I.: A soldier’s first battle in the Philippines; The Lost Cycoramas: ‘Shiloh’ and ‘Missionary Ridge’ on view again; Antebellum Photography: Part III in a series of pre-Civil War military portraits.

1983-v4-05-iv-thumbNumber 5 (March/April 1983)
Company C, 3rd Cavalry: Photo-analysis of mounted equipment in the mid-1880’s; Vignette: John H. Carter, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A.; Vignette: Henry Kirby, 15th Iowa Infantry, U.S.A.; Schmaltz: Turn-of-the-century treacle with a military motif; Remember Fontenoy! The 69th New York and the Irish Brigade in the American Civil War; Teddy Takes a Ride: Theodore Roosevelt Jr.; The Ninth’s New Colonel: A humorous tale of Old New York.

1983-04-01-Lampoon-thumbMilitary Images Lampoon (April 1, 1983)
316th Bomb Squadron: The Western Front was one hell of a mess; The Short Cruise of U.S.S. Turkey: A look at an early naval album, edited by Phil Scratcher; U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part XIII: Underwear; The 1st Greenwich Village Grenadiers: History of a semi-famous Civil War regiment; The Chronicles of Arnold Fleshpot: Autobiography of a hero of the New Jersey Zouaves.

1983-v4-06-iv-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 1983)
Foreign Naval Officers: An identification guide for collectors of Civil War images; Clergy in Uniform: A look at the uniforms of Union Army chaplains; Vignette, John T. Hull: Company E, 2nd Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade; Salty Dogs: Naval images from a leading collector; Vignette, George H.T. Macrae: Company F, 6th Virginia Cavalry; Antebellum Photography, Part IV: Analysis of pre-Civil War Naval Uniforms; The Eagle Bearers: Company C, 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; U.S.S. Pennsylvania Landing Party: Photos from a unique album, circa 1908.

Volume V: 1983-1984

1983-v5-01-v-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1983)
The Fight for Devil’s Den: 124th New York vs. 1st Texas Infantry; The Death of “French Mary:” The final installment of the Marie Tepe soap opera; The Hanging of William Johnson: An excerpt from the author’s new book; Quentin Roosevelt’s Last Flight: A vignette from the First World War; Uniforms: M1872 Foot Artillery Shako: A look at a rarely-photographed item of military headgear; The Siege of Vicksburg: An eyewitness account, edited by Dorothy Murphy; Weapons: Billinghurst-Requa Gun: A rare photo of the first machine gun used in combat.

1983-v5-02-v-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1983)
Vignette: Peter W. Ott: A Veteran of two wars; Antebellum Photography: Part V of pre-Civil War images; The Custer Cyclorama: A Last-Stand-in-the-Round; Dr. Gibbs, Stephen Crane & J.E. Hill: Life and death in the Spanish-American War; 103rd Ohio Infantry: A Photo Album: A look at fighting Westerners; Vignette: William Bancroft: Connecticut’s double deserter?; Diary of Sgt. John Fleming, 165th N.Y.: The 2nd Duryee Zouaves in 1863.

1983-v5-03-v-thumbNumber 3 (November/December 1983)
This special issue is dedicated to musicians and musical instruments of the Civil War period: The Shrill of Fifes, the Beat of Drums: Images of American Military Musicians; Military Bands & Bandsmen, 1861-1865: Or, Saxhorns & Shrapnel, a photo-survey of musical organizations and instruments during the Civil War.

1984-v5-04-v-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 1984)
Seeing the Elephant: 15th N.J. Infantry at Salem Church; The Famous ‘Petersburg’ Photo: The story of a photo-detection coup; That Crazy Cap: New Hampshiremen gird for war in grey coats and an unusual chapeau; Vignette: Stephen C. Mills: A lieutenant joins the Apaches; 5th Kansas Cavalry: A Photo Album: A look at hard-riding Westerners.

1984-v5-05-v-thumbNumber 5 (March/April 1984)
U.S. Sharpshooters: Army uniforms of the Civil War, Part VII; “California Joe” Head: Biography of a famous sharpshooter; The Anderson Troops: Brief history of a Pennsylvania cavalry company; Fort Niobrara, Nebraska, 1880-1906: A Great Plains post in photographs; The Fighting 69th: Irish-American troops in World War I.

1984-v5-06-v-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 1984)
Vignette: 3rd Georgia Infantry: Biography of famous Confederate faces; Ernest Hemingway in the 1st World War: ‘Papa’ as ambulance driver; ’Go East, Young Man…’: Unit history of the California 100 & Battalion; Whipple’s Patent Military Cap: Another look at ‘that Crazy Cap;’ More Zouaves and Chasseurs: Another photo survey of perennial favorites; From Bull Run to San Juan Hill: Unit history of the 71st New York National Guard; U.S. Navy Machinist’s Mark, 1881: Analysis of a rare insignia; Index to Articles, July 1979-May 1984: The first five years of MI.

Volume VI: 1984-1985

1984-v6-01-vi-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1984)
Blue Bonnets Over the Border: The 79th New York Highlanders in the Civil War; Major Babbitt and the Alamo ‘Hump:’ Architecture meets history head-on; Vignette: Robert C. Curry: Company K, 4th New Jersey Infantry; ’They Were Well Thought Of…:’ The Veteran Reserve Corps, 1863-1866; Vignette: Robert Morton: 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery; Name That General! A photo detection contest.

1984-v6-02-vi-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1984)
William Cathcart, Telegrapher, C.S.A.: Vignette of the siege of Charleston; Tenting on the Old Campground: A look at Civil War tents; Brothers at Ball’s Bluff: Luther & Joseph Hapgood, 15th Massachusetts Infantry; Tipton Panorama Photos of Gettysburg: Analysis of the site of Pickett’s Charge; Peter Kiolbassa, Galvanized Yankee: Vignette of a Polish-American cavalryman.

1984-v6-03-vi-thumbNumber 3 (November/December 1984)
Fifteen Minutes to Live: Co. E, 33rd Illinois Infantry, at Vicksburg; Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye! A series of vignettes on the grim visage of war; The Great Pivot: Vermonters vs. Virginians at Gettysburg; Those Funny Looking Shoes: Unusual Footwear in the Civil War; The Fort McHenry Salute: Firing the big Rodmans, July 4th, 1903; Sgt. Edward Ward, Pioneer Aviator: Early days in the balloon corps.

1985-v6-04-vi-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 1985)
Special Issue: “The Girl I Left Behind Me: Another look at the wives and sweethearts of nineteenth century American soldiers; Cover image: Image of Sgt. Henry Stephens, 45th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (standing, right). In front of him is Ann M. Shenk. The other couple is not identified; Back image: Ninth plate ambrotype of an unidentified couple; Northern images; Southern images; Post Civil War images.

1985-v6-05-vi-thumbNumber 5 (March/April 1985)
John Cassidy, 69th Pennsylvania: The death of a Philadelphian at Gettysburg; 54th Virginia Infantry: A dual vignette; Images of Romanians in the Civil War: Four vignettes of foreign volunteers for the Union; The Stockton Blues: A California militia company, 1856-1861; “Lt. Edward Cantey Stockton: Vignette of a multi-faceted Confederate; Gainesville: The Iron Brigade meets the Stonewall Brigade.

1985-v6-06-vi-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 1985)
Georgians in Gray: A series of vignettes; The Saucy Battery: History of the 10th Massachusetts Light Artillery; The Blue and the Gray: Early volunteer uniforms in Washington, D.C; The Excelsior Banner: The 50th Illinois wins a drill prize; The 13th Shot: Tragedy aboard U.S.S. Iowa; “Sergeant Andrew R. Denton: Vignette of the 43rd Tennessee, C.S.A.

Volume VII: 1985-1986

1985-v7-02-vii-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1985)
Vignettes: A series of short biographies of American Mounted troops and their service in the United States Army; ‘Come On, You Wolverines!’ Custer’s Michigan Cavalry Brigade; The Pawnee Scouts: Mounted auxiliaries, 1864-1877; Boots and Saddles: A survey of images of the U.S. Cavalry from the Civil War to the Great War.

1985-v7-02-vii-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1985)
Action Aboard the Iroquois: A letter from Seaman Edgar North at New Orleans; A Sharp Eye: Thirteen cased images from a West Coast collector by Kean Wilcox. Collection includes; Coppens’ Zouaves: A Louisiana Battalion in Lee’s army; Zou-zous in the Army of Northern Virginia; An Excellent Breed of Soldier: The Life of Sgt. Maj. W. Bruce Williams, 24th U.S. Infantry; Warriors in Baggy Pants: Another look at American Zouaves and Chasseurs; Indiana Zouave: Vignette: Oliver Daugherty, 11th Indiana Infantry.

1985-v7-03-vii-thumbNumber 3 (November/December 1985)
Antebellum Photography: Portraits of the U.S. military before the Civil War era: Part VI; The Big Picture: Four views of the Military, 1873-1901; ‘Irish Johnnie’ Delaney: 107th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; The Buckeye Vanguard: 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; In the Advance: A month in the life of a signal officer; A Scot in the Confederacy.

t-1986-v7-04-viiNumber 4 (January/February 1986)
Darkroom: George Hart’s first feature responds to the question regarding the sizes of different types of images; Six Sons for the Confederacy: The letters of Robert H. Jones, 22nd Georgia Infantry; “It is with a heavy harte…”: A letter to Private Clark’s sister; Farewell to Fancy Epaulettes: Philadelphia militia uniforms, 1866-1917; Vignette: A Late Paycheck for Gilbert Montgomery, 4th U.S. Cavalry; Victorian Warriors: A photo survey of uniforms of the National Guard, 1870-1890; Vignette: A Down East Heavy: Rodolphus Tufts, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery; Vignette: A Tarheel for the Union: Hugh Hamilton, 2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry; Passing in Review; Stragglers.

t-march-april-1986Number 5 (March/April 1986)
Vignette: Isaac Buswell, A patriot in the 20th N.Y.S.M.; Brady and Lee – 1866: The history of a photographic session; Vignette: Edwin Francis Johnson, a private in the 2nd Louisiana Infantry; Capt. Abraham Cottrell; Union Cavalry Carbines; To the Bitter End: Lt. David Raney, Confederate States Marines; Stragglers.

t-may-june-1986Number 6 (May/June 1986)
Passing in Review; The 18th Louisiana Infantry: Acadians in Gray; Pards: Photos of Friends, Partners, and Pals; Chicago’s Wild Geese: Irish Volunteers in the Boer War; Corps Badges of the Civil War, Part I: I, II, III, IV, V Corps; Stragglers; Whitfield’s Cavalry: A Texas-Arkansas Battalion in the Western Confederacy.

Volume VIII: 1986-1987

Number 1 (July/August 1986)
Passing in Review; The Darkroom; Izzat a Chaplain or what?: Masonic Uniforms of the Civil War Period; Corps Badges of the Civil War, Part II: VI through X Corps; The Militia of ’61: U.S. Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part VIII; “Up, Alabamians!:” The 4th Alabama Infantry at Manassas; Stragglers.

t-september-october-1986Number 2 (September/October 1986)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; The Darkroom; Passing in Review; Vignette: John Ring, His Mark; Teddy’s Troopers: A look at the Rough Riders of 1898; The 1st D.C. Cavalry by Richard Carlile; Vignette: Henry Seafferman, 7th Cavalry; Myles Keogh; The Search for Lt. Crow; Stragglers; Back Image

t-november-december-1986Number 3 (November/December 1986)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, a Collection of More Georgians in Gray: Brief Biographies of Confederate Soldiers from the State of Georgia, Massachusetts Mystery Medal (1st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry), Corps Badges of the Civil War, Part III: XI through XXV Corps; The Tenth Legion; Stragglers.

t-1987-v8-04-viiiNumber 4 (January/February 1987)
Editor’s Desk, Passing in Review, Mail Call, An Interview with Reknowned Collector Ronn Palm followed by four special groupings of representative images from his holdings: Infantrymen, Soldiers attired as Zouaves and Chausseurs, Prisoners of War, Cavalrymen, Musicians, Outdoor Images and Officers, Back page image.

t-1987-v8-05-viiiNumber 5 (March/April 1987)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, The Sharps Rifle in the Civil War, Some Sailing Men, John C. Black: A Medal of Honor Winner from Illinois, Zou Zou!: More photos of American Zouaves and Chasseurs, Other Zouave Images: Contemporary Lithographs as a Reference Tool, Lt. Sydnum Bridgers: An Officer in the 47th North Carolina Infantry, Stragglers.

t-may-june-1987Number 6: (May/June 1987)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; A Scene in the Woods…: Analysis of a Rare Gettysburg Photograph; A Soldier of Semmes’s Brigade: Robert N. Richardson, 53rd Georgia Volunteers; A Death in the Rose Woods; The Fight for the Rose Woods: A Battle Narrative; “Dear Brother Isaac…”: Letters from George Edgcomb, 15th New York Engineers; The Jackson Guards: Company C, 149th Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg; Bucktail Images; Stragglers.

Volume IX: 1987-1988

t-july-august-1987Number 1 (July/August 1987)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; The Faces of War: A series of vignettes of various soldiers from Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina Pennsylvania, the U.S. Navy and Wisconsin; A Modest Hero: The Story of Sgt. Philip Decker at Cedar Creek; Rally Round the Flag: Images of Old Glory on her birthday; A Flag for the Iron Brigade; Stragglers.

t-1987-v9-02-ixNumber 2 (September/October 1987)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Warrant Officers: Naval Uniforms of the Civil War, Part VI; A Tailor-made Image; New Recruits: Images of Children in Uniform; Vignette: Colonel Van Manning, 3rd Arkansas Infantry; Every Picture Tells a Story: Outdoor views from the collection of Kean Wilcox; The 14th Brooklyn: A look at a unique uniform; Vignette: Alexander Bird, 154th New York; Stragglers.

t-1987-v9-03-ixNumber 3 (November/December 1987)
Cover image; Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Civil War Badges, Part IV: Miscellaneous Badges with 18 illustrations; The Iredell Blues: A Daguerreotype of an Independent Company of North Carolina Militia circa 1860; An Illustrated History of The Kearny Medal; …And A Few Marines: U.S.M.C. Photos, 1898-1939; Bringing Up the Rear, a “holiday potpourri” of the regular “Stragglers” department; Back Image.

t-1988-v9-04-ixNumber 4 (January/February 1988)
Cover image, Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; A Norwegian in Blue: Letters of Iver Torkelson, 15th Wisconsin; Faithful to the End: Letters of Lt. William Boswell, 35th Georgia; A Distant Drummer: Images in the Collection of Frederick Fabel; Vignette: James Buckner, Marine; In the Nick of Time: The Ohio National Guard to the Rescue; Ein Grün Berg Deutscher: A German officer in the 3rd Vermont; Stragglers; Back Image

Number 5 (March/April 1988)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Interview with Uniforms & History author Mike McAfee of the West Point Museum; The McAfee Collection: Pre-War Images; The McAfee Collection: The First Volunteers; The McAfee Collection: Camp Life; The McAfee Collection: The Troops; The McAfee Collection: The Officers; Stragglers; Passing in Review; Back Image.

t-May-June-1988Number 6 (May/June 1988)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; The Whole World was Full of Smoke: Letters of J.A. Byers, 17th Mississippi Infantry; Rebels in Halifax: Rare Images of Confederates in Canada from the collection of Al Fleming; Vignette: Battery Guidon Bearer, Pvt. Louis Sherfesee, Hart’s South Carolina Artillery; Wounded & Captured at Gettysburg: An account by Sgt. William Jones, 50th Georgia Infantry; Soldiers of the Southland; Vignettes: Five Tarheels; Back Image.

Volume X: 1988-1989

t-1988-v10-01-xNumber 1 (July/August 1988)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; “Tha Kill So meny of us”: the 26th North Carolina Regiment at Gettysburg; The Blue Springs Images photo analysis; The Marine Finds a Mate or, “Ain’t Love Grand”; The Well-Accoutered Soldier: Army Uniforms of the Civil War, Part IX; History, Photography & the Civil War: a critical bibliography of books for buffs; Stragglers; Back Image.

t-september-october-1988Number 2 (September/October 1988)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Chasseur, Zouave, Marine: The Incredible Career of John Rapier of Louisiana; The Tennessee Bugle Boy: Nathan Dozier of Dibrell’s Brigade; A Watery Grave at Ball’s Bluff: A Tale of Two Massachusetts Officers; What’s Wrong with This Picture?; Captain Mathew Nunnaly: Letters from the 11th Georgia Infantry; Scoundrels from New York and Philadelphia: A Look at New Jersey’s Zouave Regiments unit history; Uniforms and History; Stragglers; Back Image.

Number 3 (November/December 1988)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Blue Strings Revisited; The Best of Gettysburg ’88; From the Halls of Montezuma… to the Bistros of Gay Paris: A look at the U.S. Marines, 1866-1899; Sgt. Joseph Camersac LeBleu of Company K, 10th Louisiana Infantry; The 1st South Carolina Rifles: An Album of Officers in Orr’s Regiment; Uniforms and History: 22nd Regiment, National Guard, State of New York; Stragglers.

t-jan-feb-1989-X-4Number 4 (January/February 1989)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Risque Business; All for the Union: Tales of Ten Federal Soldiers; An Incident at Sangster’s Station; Buddies: Pals in the Great War, from the Collection of Robert Norland; The Walking Artillery; A Secret Hero & A Secret Weapon: Two vignettes of the Boxer Rebellion; Stragglers; Sutler’s Row; Back cover.

t-march-april-1989-X-5Number 5 (March/April 1989)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review; Vis-à-vis: Dave Mark, Maryland Troops in the Confederate Army, Maryland General Officers, Maryland Naval Officers, Maryland Staff Officers, Maryland Artillerymen, The Maryland Guard Battalion, Maryland Infantrymen, Maryland Cavalrymen, Stragglers, Sutler’s Row, Back cover.

t-1989-v10-06-xNumber 6 (May/June 1989)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, The Darkroom, Howard’s Kids, Relics of the Palmetto Regiment: South Carolinians in the Mexican War, “Like Demons with Bayonets:” The 5th New York Zouaves at Gaines’s Mill, The One-Armed Devil: Antebellum images of Philip Kearny & Family, The Elusive Photographer of Benton Barracks, Index to Articles: Volumes VI-X, July 1985-June 1988, Passing in Review, Uniforms & History, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Volume XI: 1989-1990

1989-v11-01-xi-thumbNumber 1 (July/August 1989)
10th anniversary issue. What Happened to this Man’s Navy? A brief history of the Yeomanettes in the Naval Reserve Force; Uncommon Soldiers: Vignette portraits of individuals whose contributions made nineteenth century military life more colorful, to say the least. Some were scoundrels, some were heroes, all were Americans; Americans All? A photo-detection mystery game; Military Imagery, An album of photographs from the readers of MI; Posing for the Carte de Visite,” An article about style in the 19th century; Uniforms & History: Fourth Battalion of Rifles, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1860-61.

Number 2 (September/October 1989)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Pards Part 2: Comrades, pals and partners, The Hanging of Sam Davis, A “Typo” Goes to War: William Walters, 4th Illinois Volunteers, A Naval Portrait: Officers of the U.S.S. Amphitrite, 1900, “A Dreadful Slotter:” The 12th New Jersey at Spotsylvania, “Them Infernal Indians:” Letters from an Iowa cavalryman at Pea Ridge, Foreigners All?, Uniforms & History, Dark Room, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 3 (November/December 1989)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Tar Heels! by Greg Mast (84 images subdivided into the following sections: Introduction, First at Bethel, Colonels, Musicians, Cavalry, Families at War, Farthest to the Front at Gettysburg, Artillerymen, That Incomparable Infantry, Divided Loyalties, Tar Heels in the West and Last at Appomattox), Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 4 (January/February 1990)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, G.O. No. 286, John Coffer, Photographer: Profile of an antiquarian lensman, The First Navy Cross: Biography of a Hero, An Ironclad Forgery, Empire State Soldiers: Images from New York’s Bureau of Military Statistics, Uniforms & History, Zouaves in the Streets of Baltimore, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 5 (March/April 1990)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Backdrops, The Gabled House Mystery, Through Hades With His Hat Off: The strange career of A.J. Morrison, A Touch of Green Among the Blue: A look at the Irish in the Army of the Potomac, A Family Affair: Four generations in uniform, A Double Sacrifice, Private Burton Marchbanks, Uniforms & History, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 6 (May/June 1990)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Palmetto Soldiers: Siege of Charleston, The Citadel, Infantry, Cavalry, Prisoners of War and The Final Days, The “Aerial Telegraph:” A Brief History of the Signal Corps in the Civil War Era, Uniforms & History, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row.

Volume XII: 1990-1991

Number 1 (July/August 1990)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Captain Martin’s Photo Album, Four Brothers at Gettysburg, Old Glory: An album of flag photos, “A Harvest of Death” photo analysis, “All Over Now,” Strong Vincent of the 83rd, Uniforms & History by Michael J. McAfee, Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium, Sutlers’ Row.

1990-v12-02-xii-thumbNumber 2 (September/October 1990)
First Blood: A New Jersey brigade at Williamsburg; The Burial of Trooper McCoy: Photos of a 7th Cavalry funeral; Uncommon Soldiers: An album of faces from the Civil War, includes portraits and profiles of Union and Confederate soldiers; The Shippy Brothers: A New York family at war; Uniforms & History: The Anderson Troop.

t-1990-v12-03-xiiNumber 3 (November/December 1990)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Illinois Troops in the Civil War, the featured state in this issue, includes seven sub-sections: Introduction, Rush to the Colors, Cavalry, Family Ties, Infantrymen, Gunners and The Vacant Chair; Uniforms & History; Stragglers: 39th Illinois Infantry; Sutlers’ Row.

Number 4 (January/February 1991)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Under the Stars and Bars: Eleven Vignettes from the Seceded States, A Marine on the Raider Alabama: Lt. Becket Kempe Howell, C.S.M.C., Cole Younger in the Missouri State Guard, Confederates at Carlisle: Images of Southern Soldiers at the U.S. Army Military History Institute, Uniforms & History, Grandfather and the Shipwreck, Rebels in the Rear, Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 5 (March/April 1991)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Off Duty: Photos of soldiers at play, Essay: Engineer Images, 1861-1919, The Gettysburg Show—1990, McClellan After Antietam, “I Pride Myself of Having the Best Looking Camp in the Army:” Colonel Nelson A. Miles, 61st New York, Uniforms & History, Passing in Review, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 6 (May/June 1991)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, The Tenth Cavalry at Fort Robinson, 1902-1907, Claimant No. 722998 and Other Tales of Civil War Soldiers, Backdrops, II: Another look at painted backdrops and studio props in 19th century photography, Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium, A South Carolina Bouquet: Petals that fell from the flower of Southern manhood, Uniforms & History, Sutlers’ Row.

Volume XIII: 1991-1992

Number 1 (July/August 1991)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Six Lieutenants: Vignettes of North Carolinians in America’s Greatest Battle; “Gettysburg Was a Disaster…” a vignette of three brothers in the 154th New York Infantry; A New View From Little Round Top; A Zouave Sharpshooter; A Quaker Zouave…and an Irish Soldier; Zouaves and a Few Chasseurs: Images from our readers; Uniforms & History; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Number 2 (September/October 1991)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Green Mountain Soldiers: An Overview of Vermont Soldiers in the Civil War; “Put the Vermonters Ahead…” A history of the 1st Vermont Brigade (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Vermont Infantries); Uniforms & History: 2nd Regiment, Vermont Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Number 3 (November/December 1991)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, A Regiment of Rebels: Confederate images in the collection of David C. Williams, Just from Dixie: A previously unpublished image of Confederate prisoners of war, Southern Soldiers: Vignettes of Seven Southerners in the War Between the States, Jeff. Davis and the South!: Commentary on an unknown Mississippi photographer, Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 4 (January/February 1992)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Soldiers of the Sioux Campaign, 1890-91; Weapons of the American Soldier in the Great War: A pictorial survey; A Bridge Too Many, or How to Be in Two Places at Once, “Follow Me!” Vignettes of five junior officers in the Union Army; Victor Vifquain and the Attempt to Capture Jefferson Davis in 1862; An Officer and a Gentleman…Sort of; Uniforms & History; Passing in Review; Stragglers; Sutlers’ Row.

Number 5 (March/April 1992)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Private Spurgeon Goes to Cuba: A 7th Cavalry Photo Album, The Guns of Gettysburg and Other Photographic Oddities at the 1991 Mason-Dixon Show, A Most Impressive Sight: The burning of the U.S.S. Monongahela on St. Patrick’s Day, 1908, The Keystone Travelers: Regimental History of the 104th Pennsylvania Infantry, Headquarters for Photographs: A delightful assortment of wondrous images from our readers, Uniforms & History, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 6 (May/June 1992)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Uniforms & History; “Tell It to the Chaplain:” The Philippine Ordeal of Signal Corps Photographer Leland Smith; Sunshine to Greenbacks: An incomplete history of Ohio photographer Emmor Crew; Claude Levet: Late 20th Century Collodion Artist: A Retrospective; The Quincy City Guard, Antebellum Volunteers; The Memoirs of a Missouri Soldier: August Reimers; What a Mess! Views of Military Cuisine; Stragglers; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Volume XIV: 1992-1993

Number 1 (July/August 1992)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, The Gray & The Blue: A Collection of Vignettes from the Brothers’ War, The Independent Blues of Selma, Alabama: A Southern Volunteer Militia Company, More Painted Canvas: Another Look at Photographic Backdrops, Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium, Soldiers of the Signal Corps, 1863-1919, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 2 (September/October 1992)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Four Marines at Fort Fisher, A Tale of Five Taylors and Five More Tar Heels, The Fight for the City of Mexico: Letters of Captain William Chapman, 5th U.S. Infantry, Six Southerners: Vignettes of rebels at war, Caped Crusaders! A look at winter wear in the Union army, A Triumph of the Wet Plate: A new look at Gardner’s Photographic Sketchbook, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row.

Number 3 (November/December 1992)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Tar Heels on the Cutting Edge: A gallery of North Carolinians with fearsome blades, “Some of Us Will Never Come Out:” An account of the 1st New Jersey Brigade at Gaines Mill, George Harper Houghton: Green Mountain photographer, A Legion of Strangers: European military images in the era of the American Civil War, Citizen Payne: The life of Aaron Payne, veteran of the Black Hawk War, Uniforms & History, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 4 (January/February 1993)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, The Smallest Tadpole: Florida in the Civil War is a survey of 53 images of soldiers connected to Florida is accompanied by a profile of the state and its contributions to the Confederate war effort. The authors note, “In many respects, Florida remains the forgotten state of the Confederacy. Although the third state to secede, Florida’s small population (ranking last among the Confederate states with some 140,000 people) and meager industrial resources made the state of little strategic importance to either side,” Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 5 (March/April 1993)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, What is a Zouave—Not?, A Gallery of Group Shots: Trios, teams and crowd scenes from the collections of our readers, Some of the Boys in the 46th Indiana: A carte de visite album from the Department of the Gulf, Post-post-postwar Zouaves: A survey of American Zouaves after the Civil War, Friends in Company G: Messmates in the 27th Illinois, “I Preferred to Take My Chances with the Boys:” The Memoirs of Carroll Scott Waldron, 17th and 146th New York Volunteers, Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 6 (May/June 1993)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Cadets! More Kids in Uniform, Gorman, Jordan and General Bartlett, Uncommon Soldiers: Vignettes from the War Between the States, Even More Painted Canvas, Forsyth’s Scouts: A unit history: “With the exception of Custer’s 7th Cavalry, perhaps no single military unit in the history of the Plains Indian Wars has received the recognition and fame given to Forsyth’s Scouts,” Stragglers, Passing in Review, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Volume XV: 1993-1994

Number 1 (July/August 1993)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Rock Island: Stereoviews of the Illinois prisoner of war camp, A Gettysburg Hero, Gems from Gettysburg: A selection of outstanding images seen at the 1992 Mason-Dixon Civil War Show, Faces of the Confederacy: A photographic survey of soldiers in gray, from the collections of our readers, Hell in a Very Small Place: Views of American Troops in the Philippine Islands, 1899-1900, American Edged Weapons of WWI, Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 2 (September/October 1993)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Casualties: Sixteen Portraits of the Grim Face of War; California Gold: Images from the collection of Robert Kotchian; “Anonymous:” Photographer to the Sixth Corps; The Photograph Album of Captain Joseph P. Reel: Company G, 93rd Illinois Infantry; “If Only…” or Through a Glass Lightly: An exploration of photographic possibilities with certain ambrotypes; Battle Born! Charles McDermit and the Nevada Territory Volunteers in the Civil War; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Number 3 (November/December 1993)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Michael J. Winey: Curator at the U.S. Army Military History Institute, Hawkeyes: Iowa troops in the Civil War is a survey of 43 images is divided in subsections that include Fracas at Belmont: U.S. Grant’s Debut, Battle of Pea Ridge: Lyon Avenged, Rising Stars: Iowa’s Generals, Caught in a Hornet’s Nest: the 12th Iowa, Four Years in the Saddle: Iowa’s Cavalry, The Vicksburg Campaign, Guards and Garrisons, Prisoners of War, Debacle at Marks’s Mill and Victory East and West, Stragglers, Uniforms & History, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 4 (January/February 1994)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, In Durance Vile: A photographic album of prisoners of war, A Volunteer from the Volunteer State: J.A.H. Lankford, 5th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A., A Yankee Lieutenant Rides the Underground Railroad: The Daring Escape of Lieutenant Henry Estabrooks, 26th Massachusetts Infantry, late a prisoner of the Rebels, A New Look at Billy Reb and Johnny Yank or, Confusion in the Ranks, Union Men: Brief accounts of soldiers who fought for the North, 1861-1865, Passing in Review, Uniforms & History, Stragglers, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 5 (March/April 1994)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, On the Plains of Mexico: Two vignettes from the Mexican-American War of 1846, Feds & Rebs: A survey of recent photographic acquisitions by our readers, The Rochester Union Grays: A daguerreian glimpse, “Harvey:” War Dog of the 104th Ohio: A biography from the Canine Corps, We Could Not Enjoy War Without Them: The uncommon bonds of the 6th Maine and the 5th Wisconsin, 96th Day Bombing Squadron, Uniforms & History, Passing in Review, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 6 (May/June 1994)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; The Photograph Album of Lt. John Grimball, C.S.N.; The Lady of the Lakes: U.S.S. Michigan; Gunboat Cavalryman: Peter Ole Hill, 4th Illinois Cavalry and U.S.S. Cairo; All the Ships at Sea: An Overview of Union Naval Vessels; Your Devoted Son…The letters of William Jackson, Midshipman, CSN; Bluejackets: Sailors of the Union Navy; Death of an Ironclad: A brief history of U.S.S. Tecumseh; A Navy Victorious: A naval review in New York Harbor, from the collection of Christopher Jordan; Flying Salts from the Early Days of Naval Aviation; Stragglers; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Volume XVI: 1994-1995

Number 1 (July/August 1994)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Precious Shadows: The importance of photographers to Civil War soldiers, as revealed by a typical Union regiment, Roy’s Rebs: Confederate images in the collection of Roy Mantle, A Pair of Crimson Tales: The Harvard Cadets and a Harvard Rivalry, Backdrops: Another look at photographic set design of the Civil War era, The Feast of Victorian Proportions: Backdrops from 1870 to 1900, The Withered Tree Backdrop, Uniforms & History, His Brother’s Keeper, Stragglers, Sutler’s Row, Back cover.

Number 2 (September/October 1994)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, Passing in Review, Western Confederates: A Gallery of Rebs from the Trans-Mississippi West is is divided into subsections that include a general introduction, A Gallery of Generals, Confederates in the Indian Territory, The Missouri State Guard, Western Cavalry and Partisan Rangers, Foot Soldiers, Gunners and Into New Mexico at War’s End, Raider: A rare view of C.S.S. Alabama in South Africa, One of the DeSoto Brothers: John T. Malone, Company I, 29th Mississippi Infantry, A Few Good Tar Heels, Sensational Shirts: A Retrospective, Uniforms & History, Stragglers, Sutler’s Row, Back cover.

Number 3 (November/December 1994)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Wolverines: A Photographic Study of Men from the Great Lakes State in the War of the Rebellion, divided into 10 sections: Overview, Infantry, Colored Infantry, 1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics, Sharpshooters, Chaplains, Medical Service, Field Artillery, Field Musicians and Cavalry; Uniforms & History; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Number 4 (January/February 1995)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Private William Y. Dixon, 4th Louisiana Infantry; The Distant Cannon Backdrop: An Unknown Photographer of the Army of the Potomac; Suicide Specials & Pocket Cannon: Uncommon handguns of the Civil War as seen in contemporary photographs; Your Noble Response…Akron’s Hundred Days Men of 1864; Three Bucktails: The Ottos of McKean County; American Hussars: Uniform Analysis; Errant Chaplain of the Iron Brigade; Captain Clark & the Strother Brothers; Uniforms & History; Stragglers; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Number 5 (March/April 1995)
Editor’s Desk, Mail Call, A Jersey Journey: Being the perambulations of the 10th New Jersey Infantry, Late Olden’s Legion, California’s Collodion Artist: The images of William Dunniway, On to Canada! … Again? A history of the Fenian invasion of 1872, William Spencer McCaskey: U.S. Volunteer, U.S. Regular, and A Lancaster Fencible, Mr. Hall’s Breechloader, Uniforms & History, Stragglers, Pop Quiz No. 477: Can you identify these soldiers?, Passing in Review, Sutlers’ Row, Back cover.

Number 6 (May/June 1995)
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Volume XVII: 1995-1996

Number 1 (July/August 1995)
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Number 2 (September/October 1995)
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Number 3 (November/December 1995)
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Number 4 (January/February 1996)
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Number 5 (March/April 1996)
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Number 6 (May/June 1996)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Hoosier Horsemen: Indiana’s Cavalry and Mounted Infantry in the Civil War; “Good News from Our Army at Vicksburg…I am Well;” Some Indiana Faces; Disaster at Sea! Steamer General Lyon Burns, Sinks; H.B. King and P.R. Read: Taunton Civil War Portrait Photographers; Tomorrow’s Heroes: An Album of Cadets & Kids in Uniform; The Civil War Through Civilian Photographs; Light & Shadow; Stragglers; Uniforms & History; The Auction Block; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Volume XVIII: 1996-1997

Number 1 (July/August 1996)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; Gettysburg Faces: A Portrait Album is a total of 94 portraits of soldiers who became casualties at Gettysburg are accompanied by captions that provide basic details of their plight during the battle; Stragglers; The Auction Block; Uniforms & History; Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium; Sutler’s Row; Back cover.

Number 2 (September/October 1996)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; The Auction Block; “For God’s Sake, Hurry Up…” The Fifth Michigan Infantry at Williamsburg May 5, 1862; Three Hospitals: Photographic views of a trio of Civil War medical facilities; Arm Bands of World War I; Proppin’ the Prop: A glimpse at martial and patriotic props used by Civil War photographers; Stragglers; Captain Bob’s Caveat Emptorium; Light & Shadow: Technical Aspects of Photography & Collecting; Sutlers’ Row.

Number 3 (November/December 1996)
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1997-v18-04-xviii-thumbNumber 4 (January/February 1997)
The Philadelphia National Guards: Antebellum company of uniformed militia; A Search Through Time: Charles Mitchell, Kentucky Confederate soldier; ’Shell Fever’ & Other Zouaves: An album of U.S. troops in baggy trousers; George Henry Stevens: Winner of Milwaukee’s antebellum drill competition; Harpers Ferry to Peking: Journeys of a 19th century soldier, Augustus Corliss; The Frozen Prairie: Winter tragedies in Minnesota.

Number 5 (March/April 1997)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Passing in Review; James Stamatelos begins with an interview by Helder Costa and is followed by the images, which are organized in six sections: Arms & Equipment, Sailors and Marines, Infantry, Musicians and Other Specialists, Painted Backdrops and Cavalry; Uniforms & History; Sutler’s Row; Back cover.

Number 6 (May/June 1997)
Editor’s Desk; Mail Call; Heavy Headgear: Soldierly Chapeaux from the Official to the Outlandish; Civil War Patriotic Covers; William T. Sampson: Naval Biography; Midshipman Thompson’s Trumpet; The Royal Navy at Charleston, S.C., 1863; The Will That Started a War: Major Emil Fritz, Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War; The Auction Block; Capt. Bob’s Caveat Emptorium; Stragglers; Light & Shadow; Uniforms & History; Passing in Review; Sutlers’ Row; Back cover.

Volume XIX: 1997-1998

Number 1 (July/August 1997)
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Number 2 (September/October 1997)
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Number 3 (November/December 1997)
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Number 4 (January/February 1998)
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Number 5 (March/April 1998)
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1998-v19-06-xix-thumbNumber 6 (May/June 1998)
First American Landing in Cuba; Louisiana Photographer James Bailey; Southern Soldiers Gallery; the LeRoy brothers of the ‘Oconee Rifles;’ Zouaves, James and Richard Taylor.

Volume XX: 1998-1999

Number 1 (July/August 1998)
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Number 2 (September/October 1998)
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Number 3 (November/December 1998)
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Number 4 (January/February 1999)
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Number 5 (March/April 1999)
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Number 6 (May/June 1999)
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Volume XXI: 1999-2000

Number 1 (July/August 1999)
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Number 2 (September/October 1999)
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Number 3 (November/December 1999)
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Number 4 (January/February 2000)
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Number 5 (March/April 2000)
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Number 6 (May/June 2000)
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